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Digibyte (DGB) on Schnorr in DigiByte 8.19 Digging in to Innovate

Digibyte DGB

Digibyte has started 2021 with increasing social and marketing activity.  In 2020, Digibyte was up by 380% Of note, regulatory lobbying is not going to spare DigiByte, but it looks like the well-known names in the DGB community are simply not concerned.

A statement related to regulation, Rudy Bouwman, stated that “DigiByte is a safe haven during times of uncertainty about crypto regulations.  No ICO but mineable coin.  No Security.  We have an updated legal opinion taking into account the 2019 SEC Framework and recent rulings. No privacy coin but a transparent network.”

Someone was curious to know about the legal opinion for others to read, but Bouman stated that it is for internal use and it is shared with exchanges in confidence and under NDA.

So, the talks of legal and regulatory is already brewing in the DGB community and very soon several other cryptocurrency communities will have to take to the defensive mode.  The governments will begin to conquer every space that has potential and profit. DGB feels the are safe for now as they are not a privacy coin.

There is no denying that DigiByte (DGB) is good because it provides superfast transactions with Data Shielding for transactions.  In the long government might not want data shielding providing for anonymity and they might narrow down to crack this area too.

Apart from regulatory hiccups and defences, a look in to their monthly updates makes it very obvious that it is filled with milestones and information rich interviews.  A sign that they are hard at work and digging in to innovate bringing out the best possible.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Digibyte (DGB) is set to have a best 2021 the social metrics are promising just like their democratic community spirit.  The developers are making it easier and faster.”

Something related to DigiByte 8.19 – for clarity, Schnorr Sigs is a signature algorithm known for its simplicity. Short signatures are important in situations involving intractability between discrete logarithmic interactions.

Josiah ‘Crypto Messiah’ Spackman, talking about Schnorr Sigs stated, “As for DGB implementing this, unlikely to start with. We’re looking at Schnorr Sigs instead, which will tackle a different aspect (Especially with Schnorr-based Coinjoin), and already have Dandelion.”

For those who are interested, it helps to check in to the video to know more about smaller signatures, linearity benefits, privacy improvements, and not malleability. Josiah explains why they have not used them so far.

Regarding further developments, we need to see how Digibyte will be progressing in 2021 by opting out of the system and securing their data by being their bank.  Interesting to see many users are in search of popular exchanges for DGB digibyte.io has a long list which will be interesting for those looking to deal with in DGB.

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