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Digital Piggy Back With Proprietary Cryptocurrency For Kids

Pigzbe Piggy Back

Pigzbe, the digital Piggy Back is designed by Primo Toys–makers, particularly for Children.  Cubetto is a mega-successful physical programming toy.  Jon Marshall is the Pentagram Partner.  The Digital Piggy Back has been designed by Primo Toys-makers in partnership with Jon Marshall.

This app is bright pink.  It is a digital wallet that has been launched on Kickstarter.  The starting price is set at $79.   This app will ship in June.  A shared account will be created using a smartphone app.  Parents and relatives will be able to contribute money to this account.  This can be very small units of money that can be as little as a penny.

Filippo Yacob, founder of Primo Toys, stated, “You are encouraged to send smaller amounts of money very frequently.” Paypal charges 30 cents to move a dollar; however, Pigzbe charges nothing literally when compared to Paypal.  However, moving money without charging nothing is a major feat, and this feat is accomplished by making use of the proprietary cryptocurrency.

Kids can be auto-paid each week via the Pigzbe App.  The allowance can be auto-paid after setting up the Pigzbe account.  The payment for the personal chores performed by the kids can as well be transferred to the account. The entire app is designed around an idea of working around a reward.  Yes, there is a risk of making even smaller domestic tasks as a billed job. This can work as a Primer in training kids to be able to compete in the gig economy when they grow up to be an adult.

The money that flows into the app, grows with time.  In the beginning, the digital account can be just an abstract number; however, once it grows it is going to be a power saving.

This app comes with a little pink LED device that will conveniently fit into the kid’s pocket.  Every time money is added into the account through the app; the “pig nose pops” with beeps and boops on the screen through the app.  The wallet has a video game controller and a magnetic stick to the refrigerator of your family.

The design is childlike.  It creates a lot of awareness about money.

Jon Marshall stated, “Connected piggy banks do exist; however, they’re quite toy-like and large enough.”

The currency design was made to ensure that it should not be too large.  Some devices that looked like pigs and toys were tested. Several kids stated that the money grew with them from 6 through 12.

Piggy banks hold physical money.  They are connected to piggy banks.  They are big. And now the big size of the piggy bank has been rethought to make it like a credit card or a smart home product.


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