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DIW Token Answering our community’s most frequent questions

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How is the Bounty distribution getting on?

After a difficult beginning with the market being on a bearish/bullish run and the Ethereum network being clogged up multiple times throughout the year so far, the distribution of tokens has commenced. All Bounty campaigns’ rewards, apart from Social Media and Article/Blog/Media, have been distributed to their participants’ wallets. We wish to thank everyone for your support – it’s greatly appreciated. The DIW team is constantly monitoring the price of gas, and has made it its priority to distribute the remaining bounty rewards to its participants. So, for those who are still waiting for their tokens, please be assured that we have not forgotten you!

Airdrop will be distributed at a later stage, when either the ETH gas price drops to reasonable levels or via an alternative smart contract for Airdropping.

Are you worried about the DIW token’s price?

Some of you may be worried about the token’s price, feeling that it’s currently too low with its volume too low as well, within the current exchanges we are listed on. The price has been affected by a number of elements including upcoming bounty distribution and the bearish market.

At the moment, we are more concerned on product development and the meeting of our roadmap, rather than the price of our token. As the majority of ICOs, according to analysts, appear to be scams with the measuring factor being product development, here at DIW, that is our major concern and that is what we will be delivering.

Is DIW entering another Exchange?

DIW is currently listed on two exchanges, LAToken, currently ranked 44th, and IDEx currently ranked 75th in Coinmarketcap. Yes, one of our goals is to be listed on exchanges with higher volumes – this has always been one of our top priorities as its’s something that concerns our community and naturally, the DIW team. Expect further announcements regarding this when the time is right, along with announcements regarding product development.

How many are the unsold DIW Tokens and will they be burnt and when?

Yes, the unsold DIW tokens will of course be burnt. This will happen as soon as token distribution concludes. It can’t happen before. So, once all Bounty & Airdrop tokens have been distributed, we will proceed with our final calculation regarding how many tokens remain unallocated and burn them. There will be an announcement regarding this in due time.

What’s happening with Product Development?

Product development is, has always and will always be our number one priority. We want to give the world a platform that will create an awe-inspiring feeling of security. We also wish to produce an intuitive product that’s widely accepted and endorsed by both techies as well as the general public.

For this reason, the entire team has embarked in painstaking research and uncompromising development leaving no stone unturned, utilizing the best that current & future technology has to offer. IPFS, which essentially offers unprecedented decentralised storage, is part of our fundamental protocol. We are also anticipating developing technologies such as Ties.DB and the Raiden Network to come into full force as these will fuel and actualise our project in its full glory taking it to the next level. We are looking forward in marrying all of these decentralized, highly advanced technologies, in a user friendly, tokenized platform ensuring the highest security possible by utilizing the most advanced encryption protocols in the world.

Stand by for an exciting and secure future!


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