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End Users are not Bothered About Any Reasons from Ethereum (ETH)

End Users are not Bothered About Any Reasons from Ethereum (ETH)

Everyone is well aware that to date Ethereum fees are very high. It is also obvious that the developers are working to fix all these issues.  There are armchair experts who are already predicting that the efforts which are being made by Ethereum is not going to work.  The same problem defined by million people in million different ways! Perhaps the community should be kind to permit technological innovation.  It is hard for investors though, but “money does not multiply to money” it needs to be backed by solid work.

So, while some serious work is going on the competitive names that are commonly spelt are Solana, ADA, FTM, AVAX and others.  We will wait to see if they can work without resetting their blockchains once in a while when they onboard as much users like ETH. Sometimes patience and persistence is the key.

Lark Davis shared: This is CRAZY! Ethereum fees are way too high, even ETH layer twos are “high” compared to Solana and Polygon Matic which have dirt cheap fees.

Community Response:  46 dollars bucks? Where, maybe my timing sucks, but I usually see $80+ on Metamask.

Paid 28 dollars in gas fees to move an ERC20 token. It failed. You don’t get refunded. That was fun to find out. Not only high fees, but feels like I’m gambling now trying to move shit.

How is no one talking about KDA? Scalable POW with nearly zero gas fees.

That’s the cost of having more decentralization. Solana is not so much.

Fees are high because people accept this. You can choose to make a business in Dubai or in a small village in Poland called Stasin. It is cheap to buy land in Stasin expensive in Dubai but you know the drill. ETH is Dubai already, the rest are chasing.

Technically it’s a sidechain, which is slightly different from layer 2. But yea I get what you mean.

How come ADA is omitted?

$0? Do you pay for not doing anything?

Bullshit chart anyway if LUNA isn’t on it. Everyone knows LUNA is only second to ETH concerning TVL.

Any chain can have low fees by centralizing and ramping up hardware specs. With Solana specs, Ethereum could do the same TPS with equal low fees. Now, make a post describing why some chains can be cheap and just don’t compare things that are not comparable, engagement farming eh?

Who cares? The end users don’t care about the reason. Once mass adoption comes, these stupid analogies aren’t going to work.

Yep, whether centralized or not, the end-user care about fast and cheap fees.

There is no ‘THE end user’. You simply don’t care about decentralization. Many do, fortunately.

The end-user is the normies who are buying KYLIES JENNERS NFT collection in the year 2025. AKA the masses. Most of the population don’t care about decentralization, if they did then all these banks would be out of business since Bitcoin’s inception 13 years ago. You are not dumb ok.

I honestly don’t understand why FTM isn’t on there. It’s so cheap and fast to use. Define my favorite blockchain right now. Avax is super legit too.  With its 64 validators, it’s even less Decentralized than Solana.

SOL is 700% more expensive and centralized ownership held in the hands of VC whale since you brought it up.

She had a point about centralization for sure, just to be fair. But your FTM is def better on this.

Yeah, I am not a Solana hater, I own some, but I love Fantom, the value is striking compared to most other chains.

At least ETH does not halt like other chains. I care about my capital being available for me to move at any time.

ETH gas fees make it completely unusable to me. Solana seems like a failed project, move that money to Hedera, a better product. Matic might have low fees but it has poor liquidity. Doge fees are lowest at $0.01. Nothing with Doge’s liquidity has fees as low, nothing.

So, I read this article by one crypto finance analyst who tried to explain and defend why ETH gas fees had to be that high. Poor miners need an incentive to mine or else Ethereum wouldn’t work and fail. What a shame that would be.  No substitutes around.  Oh wait?

Another day another moaning by Lark about ETH fees, why don’t you move to another chain permanently and stop posting fee complaints every other day? It’s not like Vitalik going to push the magical “fix fees” button just because you feel unhappy.










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