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Energi Gen 3 Launch Features 1000 NRG To Kick Start with a MasterNode

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Energi has a lot of good news surrounding their Gen 3 release as far as masternodes and the fact that they are moving to a smart contract platform.  The Gen 3 has already arrived. Generation 1 was basically a proof of work coin that forked off of Dash. In Generation 2, they did have proof of stake; this came out in April of last year. And, finally, they now have Gen 3, and it turns Energi into a smart contract platform.

Energi includes all of Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities while also incorporating Energi’s masternode structure. Of note, Energi is the largest self-funded treasury and decentralized governance models. The existing models Dapps will be able to migrate over to Energi’s Ecosystem.  Basically, they are going to start their incubator program. They plan on focusing on advancing early-stage blockchain projects development on the Energi Platform.

Sydney Ifergan, The Crypto Expert tweeted: “Only 1000 NRG to Kick start a Masternode is a Good thing. Energetic Indeed.!”

To know more about Energi, the Energi Wiki provides tons of information – Tutorials on creating Gen 3 wallet, migrating funds, and more are also available on their YouTube Channel.

Of note, more than 40,000 wallets have been created since the launch of Gen 3 Energi NRG.

Anyone who is willing to start off with Energi Gen 3?

There have been a lot of changes made to the MasterNodes.  The changes made makes Masternodes more accessible. Thus, making it possible to create a stronger and a mode decentralized network. And, more people will be able to participate in the governance system, and they will be able to vote on proposed changes and ideas for the Treasury funds.

About 10,000 Energi were required to run an Energy Master Node, but with the implementation of Gen 3, now it take only 1000 NRG in increments for up to 100,000 NRG.   The current master node rewards are 43%

So, 1000 NRG will be making about 35 NRG monthly and this value can be increased for those who are looking for higher staking return. Users will less than 1000 NRG will also still be able to stake as well.

Energi Tweeted:  “Want to get started with Energi Gen 3? Then find out how to set up your Gen 3 Core Node on VPS in our latest video.”

Energi is community driven, and they care about the community. They care about the votes, and that is one reason for why they have the master nodes in the first place. They are serious about what they are doing.

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