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EOS dApps Sort Technical Issues Blocking Mass Adoption of EOS – Bitcoin Considered As a Store of Value


The price justification part has been very hard for Bitcoin. Despite, there are new supporters for Bitcoin in the bear market.

The price decline was an almighty dump from $20,000; however, there has been no significant dump down $3000. From looking into the 12-month trends, Bitcoin analysts opine that Bitcoin will rally 25 to 50%.

Brendan Blumer, the Co-founder of EOS, tweeted, “Most of the activity will flow to scalable layer-two solutions, but Bitcoin’s awareness and liquidity will continue to compound.” He further added that Bitcoin would replace gold in 20 years.

A recent survey by Jimmy Song of his Twitter followers revealed that an overwhelming majority of them supported Bitcoin and considered it as a store of value.

The BTC/USD with the cap set at $4000 resistance is being sold at $3,974.

EOS is trending sideways, and it failed to break past its resistance level at $4.00. It continues to trade in the range bound market. A bearish continuation is projected, and the EOS/USD dropped down to $3.75 in the demand area.

Bibox has announced that EOS based perpetual contract trading will be made available in its platform from March 20, 2019.

Infinito Wallet, the Multicurrency storage protocol has added EOS as well. EOS has been consistently criticized due to its technical nature and therefore of less user-friendliness.  This also stood in the path of mass adoption of EOS. The addition of EOS dApps is likely to sort all of these issues.

The press release about the EOS dApps recently stated, “Infinito team added the service so that their users will be able to easily join the EOS ecosystem and ultimately benefit from the features of the EOS blockchain right from the Universal Wallet.”

It is higher highs and lower lows for Ethereum in the price action.  There is a weak bullish momentum; however, the RSI indicates that there is some bullish pressure left.  The oscillator is, however, turning south meaning that sellers are eager to come back thus pushing the price further down.

Tushar Jain, when talking about why BNB is playing an essential role in developing decentralized exchanges stated, “The Binance token is an interesting hybrid of many different use cases. The first use case is that of a discount token in that if you pay your trading fees on Binance the centralized exchange, or the Binance Chain DEX, in BNB tokens, you get a discounted rate. And this incentivizes traders to hold BNB tokens in their accounts, and use them to pay for their trading fees to pay what is a substantially discounted rate.”

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