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EOS, XRP, and Bitcoin share the B grade in Weiss Rating

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Creepy dealers in the cryptocurrency world will have to learn how to be compliant with regulations.  We are waiting to see how the US is going to set its terms with cryptocurrency ultimately.

Santos stated, “The golden days of crypto, with free-flowing capital everywhere, without know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering [compliance] anywhere—that’s not going to last.” He further added, “You have to register with the SEC.”

Victor Santos, CEO of Airfox, stated, “We will be ready when new regulation comes out.”

While things are getting streamlined, we can see: “The SEC is willing to forgive the sins of transgressors, at least in part, as the Gladius case shows, as long as they come clean. Regulators have kicked the log, and now we must see what creepy-crawlers slither out from underneath.”

Weiss Ratings has rated EOS and Ripple alongside Bitcoin.  A variety of metrics have been used to study the 122 cryptocurrencies in the market.  The report dispels a widespread industrial belief that there has been a wide decline in the usage and practical applications of digital assets.  The numbers of practical applications of newer cryptocurrencies like TCAT tokens and several other Altcoins are only increasing.

Weiss implied that major cryptocurrencies are enjoying more volume in blockchain transactions like they would have in the year 2018.  The network capacity of the industry has increased dramatically.  The underlying technology has evolved, eventually providing for efficient methods to create digital assets.

The highest Weiss Rating has been B for the cryptocurrency.  EOS, XRP, and Bitcoin share the B grade.  The risk and reward factors are considered in cryptocurrency ratings.  The risk factor is far higher in cryptocurrency markets, and therefore investors should not ignore risks.

Cryptocurrency should be able to achieve a variety of goals like energy efficiency in mining, sophisticated monetary policy, improved decision-making capabilities, improved transaction speeds, the flexibility of upgrading, and sophisticated smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency adoption depends on several factors like public acceptance and estimated energy consumption.  Several factors like network capacity, market penetration, speed, and security are to be taken into consideration.

The difficulty in evaluating 51% acquisition in hash rate is estimated using PoW ledgers.  There are several varieties of consensus models, and the main issue is about controlling a stake.  Malicious actors should be able to double spend on the network.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum have several numbers of nodes, they only validate what the miners are doing.  It is just a small number of miners that control overwhelming numbers of hash rate.

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