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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Continues to be Buy Worthy Facilitating Inter Compatibility

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With the upgrade of Phoenix, it is clear that the two networks consist of the same protocol and therefore are now fully inter-compatible. This Ethereum Classic is not in line with Ethereum.  Both the projects have attained protocol parity.  ETC makes use of features from earlier Istanbul fork.

Despite staying original, Ethereum Classic has not so far attracted a lot of app developers.  The potential is limitless with the blockchain technology, and it is possible to create anything that one can think of.  It is possible to disrupt industries, create one’s own business, literally build an empire in one’s niche, decentralize the existing paradigm, and ultimately help with several things that can help liberate humanity.

CoinDesk tweeted:  “@eth_classic has largely followed @ethereum in lockstep. But as the larger chain goes toward proof-of-stake, ETC is sticking with proof-of-work – a.k.a. mining – in its latest hard fork.”

After Phoenix developers did identify a bug, which led to poor syncing with the OpenEthereum client on the ETC blockchain, while a hotfix has since been released, the ETC core has required node operators to migrate to Hyperledger Besu or Core-Geth.

The Hyperledger Developers have released Besu v1.4.6-RC2, which includes a critical software patch fixing network syncing issues observed post Phoenix ETC HF.

With the Protocol Parity, developers will be able to directly port their dApps from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic, permitting for seamless collaboration between the ETH, ETC.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “With Ethereum Classic Phoenix achieving protocol parity with ETH, it just seems like very soon there will be a lot of inter-compatibility upgrades happening in the industry.”

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Buy Worthy

When it comes to putting the infrastructure facilitated by ETC to use, a lot can be done about it. It is just that developers should pick the ones they like to work on and pay attention to it.  ETC continues to be buy worthy.

LinzhiCorp has reported that they were able to hash above 800 Mhs on the Ethereum Classic Network, while they were into prototype testing of single duct tape held board.

New users are benefiting from the guides in the form of tutorials and walkthroughs.  Information is available on every topic like for clients who are running their own ETC node, porting dApp over to ETC, tools that enhance developer experience, network resources that keep track of ETC blockchain, and mining resources.

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