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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Lead Alerts on Money Printing Will People Bother To Escape From Fiat to Cryptocurrency

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) continues to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in use.  The community continues to reinstate on how money, property, and agreements all depend on the centralized systems, which are controlled by traditional institutions and corporations with the aid of trusted third parties, a.k.a. “security holes.”

The ETC Labs recently expanded their teamwork on further advancements of the EthereumClassic Technology and the Ecosystem.

Sherpa, the host of “This Crypto Life,” tweeted that Episode 16 is out and that it is a chat with Bob Summerwill of the ETC Cooperative about a wide range of topics, ranging from COVID-19, tribalism, and neurodiversity. Though, not necessarily crypto, those who admire Bob Summerwill will like the podcast.

Bob Summerwill recently retweeted a note that read:  “Today is April 1st, but this isn’t a joke. The US government is printing money like there’s no tomorrow, and that means your fiat is devalued further every day. It’s time to escape.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The Governments printing so much of money is unfortunately not a joke.  Those who understand it are going to resort to anything cryptocurrency, whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic (ETC), or others.”

Whether a majority of the people will escape the existing financial system and make their way to the cryptocurrency world is a different thing. 

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Contracts for Differences

Ethereum Classic (ETC) can be purchased directly using fiat currency through the exchanges; and, the other route through which it can be purchased is using cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. ETC is traded through the Contracts for Difference (CFD). With CFD, the major advantage is that traders get the benefit of owning a particular position in the index, stock, or commodity.  The CFD is considered to be a much simpler process than buying it through one of the exchanges.

While Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the original Ethereum Blockchain, it is special because it preserves the classic properties of the original intended Ethereum. Ethereum Classic also facilitates a token known as “Classic Ether.”

The focus of Ethereum Classic is to run smart contracts and apps as programmed without any downtime, fraud, third party interference, or censorship.

Oracles are used to bridge blockchains and DeFi apps, making blockchain things comfortable for the outside world. They can are capable of providing Ethereum Classic (ETC) developers with reliable access to be able to connect with virtually any external and real-world resources securely. Thus, partnerships are making it possible to develop viable and truly useful solutions, improving the usability of ETC.

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