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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Very Positive about Filecoin Lotus API using OpenRPC

Ethereum Classic ETC RPC

Ethereum Classic Labs are now adding support for the Filecoin Ecosystem.  This collaboration will bring multiple languages and provide developers with a modern interface on the Filecoin Lotus API using OpenRPC for the first time.

Reportedly, OpenRPC on the ETC Labs is an open-source project facilitated by ETC Core development team.  The core team defines a standard programming language-agnostic interface description for JSON-RPC 2.0 APIs. The current integration with Filecoin Lotus is set to provide appropriate documentation for developers.  Thus, making it possible to provide support for automated type safe client generation and also documentation with minimal footprint.

All of these are set to happen while tracking the implementation changes in the API automatically. It is all as easy as one, two, and three.

James Wo, Founder, and Chairman of ETC Labs stated, “We strongly believe in the potential of decentralized storage and the disruption it will have on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and other legacy corporations that have monopolized the storage market. We believe Filecoin is a major player revolutionizing the storage space and we are excited to work with them through the mainnet launch.”

Eva S., Filecoin Dev Grants Coordinator, Protocol Labs stated, “We’re excited to have ETC Labs add support using OpenRPC’s reflection to auto-generate descriptions of Filecoin’s Lotus JSON RPC API. This can help developers learn to use the API more quickly and seems like a great tool for blockchain developers in general.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum Classic (ETC) is making connecting to Lotus using interactive documents easier than ever. Key to improved interoperability.”

A mature and regulated ecosystem is one that is able to communicate with other blockchain fairly well. ETC is progressing to provide just that.  They are doing all it takes to sustain a strategic ecosystem with strategic investments eventually leading to economic and social development.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Development Progressing

Several community members who felt that ETC might not recover are feeling wow about the development. Many other blockchains are looking to connect with them.

Meanwhile ETC cooperative have stated to users that since both Open-Ethereum and Multi-Geth will no longer support the EthereumClassic network and that they make the switch as soon as possible. 

The very known fact so far is that with ECIP-1099 on the table for ETC core developers to implement it would allow for 3-4Gb GPUs to continue mining $ETC.

Just looks like whatever happens the developments keep progressing.

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