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Experts positive about top 3 new crypto coins for the coming year

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Crypto pundits have laid out their top 3 favorite crypto coins for 2019 that show promising growth for the coming year with their futuristic features.

With 2019 waiting at the door, crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to take stock of the new cryptocoins to check out in the coming year. To add to their convenience, market pundits have rounded up the top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2019.

BNB by leading crypto exchange Binance is one of the top picks by the crypto experts at present. It has been one among the highest performing coins in 2018 and is expected to come up with equally bright results in 2019. As per the sources, Binance exchange is estimated to grow further the coming year which will surely leverage the value of Binance coin big time. It’s to note here BNB users get handy discounts on the exchange fees when they trade the coin via its parent exchange. The coin has also earned good reputation for its dedicated and responsive support team.

OMG by OmiseGo is another top favorite for contemporary crypto pundits for 2019. It’s especially because of OmiseGo’s adoption of state of the art Plasma Protocol shortly. Thanks to this upcoming upgrade, cryptocurrency would be more scalable which will eventually result in more mainstream adoption of the digital asset. At present, OMG can carry not more than 20 transactions in a second. But Plasma Protocol will power it to assure a jaw-dropping one million transactions in a second!

A leading payment platform in South-East Asia, OmiseGo is aimed to offer a next-generation crypto exchange that will allow easy transfer of crypto assets for merchants and customers. The company has recently partnered with Thai Government and McDonalds Thailand.

And, what’s the top most favorite for the crypto experts?

Well, according to sources, crypto pundits today are especially positive about TIOx by futuristic crypto exchange Trade.io. TIOx is a high performing utility token that enables uninterrupted transaction of diverse digital assets on Trade.io.

Trade.io stands out over regular exchanges with its super fast execution as well as fully customizable interface. It also assures no fee on deposits and very nominal withdrawal fee. As per the crypto experts, Trade.io is backed by the revolutionary features that regular exchanges take at least a full decade to come up with.

TIOx token allows users to buy new assets, ICOs on Trade.io exchange. It’s with TIOx, users can take part in Trade.io’s shared liquidity pool.  TIOx is exclusively traded on trade.io exchange

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