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Fatcats.Market Finds 12% of Russian-Speaking Crypto Users Admit Cryptocurrency as Their Main Earning Source


According to the new survey released, there are 12% Russians who make cryptocurrency as their main source of earning. Over time, these digits will soon to rise. There is no surprise for that since the whole world is already engaging in cryptocurrency behind the negative issues attached to it.

The survey also manifested that over 90% of its respondents are saying that they have the desire and plan to use the digital coin as the mode of payment – and a quarter of these interviewed respondents are already on taking the action. There are 40% of these participants are having a perspective that the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is one of the good investments on a long-term basis. They don’t have any plans to sell their cryptocurrency holdings in the future.

With the survey conducted of Fatcats.market, a crypto shopping platform, to the Russian cryptocurrency owners, it is found out that many of them are already starting with the crypto dealing in the last two years. However, almost 28% of these Russian respondents are viewing themselves as the active users and there are 12% of them saying that they make it as a source of earning.

Fatcats.market had interviewed 382 Russian-speaking crypto users, with the median age of 27 years old. Most of the respondents are men (93%) and only a few are women (7%). The survey is conducted on the Telegram channels.

As part of the survey, there are 40% of the respondents said that they wanted to keep and use the cryptocurrency as the mode of payment and they had admitted that they are investing in various cryptocurrency. The mining is no longer popular, with merely 14% saying they are actively involved in it and 11% are in the cloud mining.

Also, another 40% on these respondents think that cryptocurrency is a good investment in a long-term basis, and in the near future, they don’t have any plans to sell their holdings for fiat money.

Russian people, in the main conclusion, are settling at times that they are ready for the cryptocurrency not only in terms of investment but as a mode of payment, as well, according to the study’s author.

The survey is ongoing and they had found out that there are 8% of the respondents are not in the idea of buying their daily essentials using the cryptocurrency and 20% are hesitant to pay for the service in the cryptocurrency.

This means that the merchants that sell goods in for the Bitcoin were trusted more compared to the service providers. There are 26% of them had claimed that they already have made the buyout with the cryptocurrency.

In the case of buying goods, smartphones, computers and other technology-based possessions, 77% will use cryptocurrency, 65% for the audio equipment, 66% for the airline tickets, 60% for the real estate and other properties, and 45% for the furniture using the Bitcoin.


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