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Force comes from the Alliance – Komorebi Alliance 


Ethereum not only as future-friendly and convenient forms of payment, but as wise long-term investments. The number of people who use crypto currencies is steadily increasing, and excitement has grown around the potentiality that the price of Ethereum and other virtual monies will soar in coming years.

 The concept of supply and demand is one of the basic laws of economics. In a nutshell, the rarer something is and the more in demand it is, the higher the price will be. Opinions, and especially the behavior of investors, have a serious impact on the price of this virtual asset. But this isn’t an isolated matter – investors’ opinions have always had an impact on virtually any publicly traded asset.In other words, when a popular investor shares positive sentiment about Ethereum or any other virtual currency and this news reaches the masses, it’s possible that its price is going to appreciate.

Globalization has led many to take an interest in financial services that are doubter to international borders, including cryptocurrencies. Ethereum lets for more unlined, time and cost-efficient international money transfer. They are also perceived by some as a trustworthy alternative to localized currencies in regions with political conflict. A continuing issue is that the price of Ethereum and similar tokens has always been subject to a much wider range of price fluctuation, or volatility, than traditional currencies. This has stayed true as the concept seems more and more normal. Wide price fluctuation gives both investors and everyday digital cash users reasons to be skeptical about this innovation, even in the face of staggering potential payoffs.

There’s no way to definitively measure the chilling impact of volatility on digital currency adoption. But it is possible to help this situation even out in the long term. One way to encourage the stability of Ethereum, etc., is simply by learning about why they’ve been so unsteady. Understanding this can lead individuals to make more informed choices about how they buy and spend digital cash, which is better for everyone.

The first issue to address is public perception. Image is of utmost concern in all forms of risk-based financial decisions, and is perhaps the biggest single reason for the instability of digital currency. When large numbers of investors act on negative press or industry skepticism about their holdings, this takes a toll on their value. Regardless of the extent to which this mistrust is based in reality, a poor or rapidly changing image can decrease or destabilize asset prices significantly. This can in turn lead to a vicious downward spiral — a selling panic. Thus, perception and image management is a critical component to supporting new ventures, even if the “real” risk or functionality of an asset like BTC is not nearly so ambiguous.

Working towards the same target inspires in the team members with a strong sense of purpose. The team realizes value in working together as the common goal provides them a logical reason to work together, along with receiving mutual benefits for the company as well as the team. Collaboration is mutually beneficial for the employees as well as the organization because when they work together, interact and share ideas, they see and understand how others work, think, negotiate and operate. This gives all the employees a chance to pick up skills from their colleagues or team mates and build upon their strengths. These newly-learned skills can then be practiced in their own field to look at things with a new perspective and make improvements and enhancements.

Komorebi Alliance – Remove the Ethereum & Price Volatility

Komorebi means the sunshine filtering through the leaves of a tree.  INGOT Coin, GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, Modern Finance Chain (MFChain), SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToRent (PTRT), Bineuro and Stella have all formed a unified front under one alliance.

The group of ICOs along with plan to found a single platform that will admit all their communities to use their utilities at the same time. Moreover, plans of enabling different discounts among each one of the ICOs is being discussed in order to give edge to all participants.

The Alliance thinks that by bringing together different ICOs from different industries such as health, insurance, financial services, E-commerce and real estate, and combining the different existing Utility Functions a new meaning to Utility will be created.

Instead of having a couple of utility benefits from one ICO, why not have many more benefits from a unified group of ICOs working together? All partners in the alliance will work together to create one user friendly and up-to-date platform providing access to their tokens and utilities.

INGOT Coin believes that successful partnerships and alliances rely on the principle that the work involved in maintaining a partnership, and the benefits from the alliance are equally spread, rather than one partner carrying the load whilst the other reaps the benefit.The best results from a strategic partnership generally occur when each partner delivers excellence in service areas that are different but related to the other partner(s) and where the partners are not adversarial in the market place. INGOT Coin is about building an interconnected global community of trust and cooperationthe basis of which is honesty and transparency between its members. INGOT believes that it is the right of all people to seize control of their lives; whether personally, socially, or financially. Ingot is on the way in making a breakthrough in financial markets by presenting a revolutionary gateway towards an all-inclusive environment.

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[email protected]

Website: www.INGOTCoin.io

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