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FTX Founder’s Parents Seek Dismissal of Lawsuit, Deny Involvement in Alleged Wrongdoing

In a recent development, Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, parents of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, are fervently seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit filed against them by the cryptocurrency exchange. The legal dispute stems from allegations of fraudulent transfers, breaches of fiduciary duties, and other misconduct, with debtors of FTX and Alameda Research pursuing damages.

In a filing dated Monday, the legal team representing Bankman and Fried argued that the familial relationship between the accused and Sam Bankman-Fried is “not actionable,” emphasizing that neither parent held an executive role in the debtor entities. The lawyers asserted that the plaintiffs sought to exploit the association with Sam Bankman-Fried, who is a founder and executive of FTX, to bolster their claims.

The lawsuit, initially filed by FTX in September 2023, alleges that Bankman and Fried utilized their influence within the FTX enterprise to benefit themselves financially, to the detriment of the debtors and their creditors. The plaintiffs specifically pointed to the parents’ purchase of a $16.4 million luxury property in The Bahamas, known as “Blue Water” or “Old Fort Bay,” funded by cash provided by the debtors.

In response, Bankman and Fried denied these claims, emphasizing that neither of them played an executive role in Alameda or FTX US. The legal defense argued that the lawsuit failed to establish Mr. Bankman as a de facto director based on familial connections and communications with Sam Bankman-Fried.

The lawyers contend, “While Plaintiffs allege Defendants interacted with the Debtor entities in limited capacities, neither Defendant ever held an executive role of any sort.”

FTX’s initial complaint accused Bankman and Fried of leveraging their influence within the FTX enterprise to enrich themselves, both directly and indirectly, at the expense of debtors in Chapter 11 Cases and their creditors.

Addressing the allegation that Alameda Research was considered a “family business,” the legal representatives for Bankman and Fried deny any wrongdoing. They emphasize that Bankman’s familial ties and communications with Sam Bankman-Fried do not automatically designate Mr. Bankman as a de facto director of Alameda or FTX US.

Addressing the accusations related to the Blue Water transaction, the defense clarified that the debtors were aware of the FTX Group’s operations and business properties in the Bahamas. They argued that FTX employees lived and worked there, making the property transaction a legitimate business move rather than an illicit financial maneuver.

The lawsuit also alleged that Bankman and Fried advocated for substantial political and charitable contributions, including those to Stanford University, with the intention of enhancing their professional and social standing at the expense of the FTX Group. However, the defense contended that these claims lacked legal significance, as they failed to establish that the accused personally benefited from the contributions.

As the legal battle unfolds, it is essential to note that the accusations and counterarguments involve intricate details surrounding familial ties, financial transactions, and the broader operations of the FTX Group. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency industry and the legal boundaries surrounding familial involvement in business enterprises.

In the midst of this legal dispute, it is important for all stakeholders, including the cryptocurrency community, investors, and legal experts, to closely monitor the proceedings. The intricacies of the case highlight the complexities of navigating legal challenges within the dynamic and evolving landscape of the crypto sector.

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