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FundFantasy: a Counter-Intuitive Cure to Irrational Markets? 50% Bonus as ICO Approaches It’s End

Counter Cure

The most salient case of people pouring funds into markets and taking risks they didn’t fully understand, is the cryptocurrency markets. When Bitcoin prices started going up, more inexperienced traders came into the market, pushing the price of many other crypto assets up. The phenomenon was so wide-spread, that the markets started behaving irrationally, with investors – it might be more appropriate to call them players – supporting coins that had question marks all over them. Irrationality took over to the point where some admitted they were buying into smaller coins just because owning a full Bitcoin was too expensive.

Markets soon became bloated with people looking for fast money, putting their funds in based on rumors. A correction was needed to shake those players out, but it came at a steep cost. Many lost way more than they could afford to because they leveraged themselves to get into what they thought was a guaranteed profit. Assets in the market were just bloated, but many of these new players failed to see this.

FundFantasy is a Solution

FundFantasy is a Daily Fantasy Trading (DFT) platform allowing users to compete for prizes by crafting the most profitable investment portfolio they can come up with. It operates much like poker sites and daily fantasy sports, only that this time – the game is allocating a virtual pile of cash to various positions on financial assets, including cryptocurrencies. Users pay entry-fees which are pooled and are distributed among winners after the rake is deduced.

Keeping in mind that a single fantasy contest can pay out over 10x to the winners, which is precisely what people try to achieve when trading for profit, FundFantasy allows them to profit from their altcoin portfolios without exposing themselves beyond the cost of a single ticket to play on a tournament, and, most importantly, without contributing to the bubble. Additionally, they could have learned valuable lessons from the tournaments that would have allowed them to test their real trading skills.

FundFantasy Players Can Profit Without Inflating The Markets

People looking to take a chance on the markets should learn about them, learn how to trade and then try them out. That is conventional wisdom, but that is also the kind of behavior that can create a wave of asset inflation and irrational behavior that threatens the funds of those traders and countless other people. FundFantasy can help prevent this, because traders, whether they are experienced or not, can try the markets out on that platform without inflating the market and taking risks with significant amounts of money. FundFantasy allows traders to test their skills and their knowledge with the limited liability of purchasing a single ticket to play instead of pouring thousands into the actual markets.

People who want to actually own assets can certainly purchase them and enjoy their perks – whether utility or dividends. Those who just want to have fun and cash out – should check FundFantasy out. And they better do it fast, because the ICO will end on March 25th at 12pm GMT.

Good for the Markets, Good for the Players

Now that FundFantasy already has an operational platform and it is launching its ICO, players will be able to experiment without inflating markets and without taking huge risks. FundFantasy will give investors, amateurs and those who want to gamble, the opportunity to test their knowledge beyond cryptocurrency markets. The platform offers tournaments involving thousands of different assets, so if people hear a rumor, or suddenly see that an innovative company, asset or technology is attracting attention, they will be able to test it on a tournament.

Playing with people who might have the opposite view on the same assets and engaging with them socially can also be a valuable experience, and it will all take place on a fantasy platform that follows the markets without having an impact on them. FundFantasy can help change that conventional wisdom that pulls gamblers who are convinced about their investment abilities, into the markets. With that, FundFantasy is looking to create a new paradigm in the market that shows people they can profit on their portfolios if they compete in the tournament without actually inflating the markets.

It’s refreshing to see an ICO that is on schedule, has an MVP, goes to lengths to protect investors, and has long-term plans. Their whitepaper is actually a very nice read with some very insightful points about the current situation about the retail trading market.

The ICO is almost over and FundFantasy looks like a very promising and definitely interesting project. To participate click here: https://ico.fundfantasy.com

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