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Future Might Bring Some Really Good Results for TRON


Governments are not happy about Libra or Bitcoin; for that reason, they do not like any cryptocurrency. The reasons being national security concerns, liquidity, and investor protection.

Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium, the official reasons for the governments not wanting Libra or Bitcoin are well justifiable. Concordium is the first of its kind ID/KYC ready business blockchain network.

Christensen further stated, “Libra is supposedly going to be backed by ‘safe’ assets such as money market instruments, fiat currencies, and short-term government bonds.”

If Libra is successful, this will lead to the coming of several similar replicas, eventually leading to liquidity issues.

LedgerX has come up with a call option, which is set to pay off if the price of the Bitcoin will surpass the amount by December 2020. The bet is focused on the most significant price soaring of Bitcoin to $100,000.

Paul Chou, CEO stated in a telephonic interview, “Often what happens in the first trade is the most important, and everybody else watches it.”
Chou further stated, “Dozens and dozens of these institutions got back to us saying we’d be interested in trading a contract like this.”

The price of the Ethereum is declining slowly, and the price broke the $220 and $210 support levels. The price broke the $200 support area moving to the bearish zone.

The pair might likely slide down below the $192 and the $190 support levels in the near term. When compared to the USD versus the Bitcoin, the price of the ETH is already declining slowly.

The price of the XRP and the ETH seems to rebound slowly; however, both these tokens are facing resistance. The possible support levels for XRP might be at $0.3251 and $0.335.

Price rally seems to have started for TRON, and the TRON appears to have started up with the bull runs. The future might bring some excellent results for TRON.

“The price of TRON is at present at 0.025017 USD, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be expected at 1119.69%; Circulating supply is documented at 66,682,072,19; 24-hour Volume is at 532,907,010 USD; Market Cap is at 1,668,301,386 USD.”

A workshop is organized to help investors understand TRON better. Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, is positive about the TRON escalation. Investors are advised to look at long-term returns to get relatively higher returns. TRON has recently advertised cryptocurrency to Buffet.

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