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Futuristic blockchain-based AI DRONE platform DEEP AERO signs up with Exrates.me


DEEP AERO has signed an agreement with Exrates.me to list DRONE token in the premier exchange platform. DEEP AERO has developed a decentralized, autonomous drone economy powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology that will revolutionize urban transportation system.

Ajman UAE, 9 May 2018: DEEP AERO is pleased to announce its recent agreement with major crypto exchange platform Extrates.me. DEEP AERO represents a futuristic blockchain-powered AI Drone economy platform which is aimed to redefine the urban transportation system for better by facilitating on-demand aviation and cargo delivery at fingertips.

“It’s a moment of great honor for us to sign up the much-awaited agreement with leading cryptocurrency exchange Extrates.me. The agreement has facilitated our listing at the esteemed exchange platform which will now allow our users to trade DRONE tokens at Extrates.me. We are extremely excited with the new development and it marks a landmark in our roadmap to growth”, stated Gurmeet Singh, the CEO of DEEP AERO.

“We are glad to list DEEP AERO DRONE token on our exchange. The new AI-driven drone blockchain platform is the next big thing in the contemporary urban transportation sector and we are confident DEEP AERO is going to launch a revolution in the transportation field”, noted a leading spokesperson from Extrates.me.

DEEP AERO is committed to building a revolutionary, decentralized, autonomous drone economy powered by the state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.  The platform is extending three cutting-edge products that will altogether contribute to take the urban transportation system to new heights-

DRONE-UTM – It represents a self-governing harmonized framework for ATM (Air Traffic Management) and Drone/UTM (UAS Traffic Management) that will work to ensure safe flights of both unmanned and manned aircrafts in the shared airspace.

DEEP AERO Passenger and Cargo Drones- DEEP AERO has come up with VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircrafts that will transport people and goods running on DEEP AERO UTM. The passenger drones will dramatically improving urban mobility through on-demand aviation that will consequently solve the issue of immense wastage of time on the road due to traffic jams & congestion. As drones are not restricted by road infrastructure issues and problems of difficult terrains, DEEP AERO’s cargo drones also promise faster delivery of cargo compared to trucks or cargo cars.

DRONE-MP – DEEP AERO has promised to introduce the biggest marketplace for Drone-related services and products that will facilitate a seamless connection between buyers and sellers. The marketplace will offer a great platform for buyers to purchase/rent drones, hire drone operators, buy spare parts, book drone taxis or drone cargo delivery services and so on.

“We promise you enterprise-friendly drone operations in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our drones are super-efficient and our flights are intelligently designed to safely adapt to any airspace condition for optimum security. We also guarantee you maximum situational awareness with our drones with real-time notifications of nearby traffic, based on flight plan and live telemetry”. Mr. Singh added in.

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