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Genesis NFT Badge a Privilege for TRON Community Members to Access APENFT

Genesis NFT Badge a Privilege for TRON Community Members to Access APENFT
  • APENFT on TRON for Art Lovers
  • Cross-field Collection of NFTS
  • Backed by TRON and BTFS
  • ONE APE ONE NFT is slogan for APENFT Marketplace
  • Genesis NFT Badges are limited edition
  • Exclusive Privilege to TRON Members
  • Badges can be sold by TRON members forfeiting associated rights
  • APENFT Marketplace testnet to be launched Mar 31, 2022


APENFT Marketplace is looking to make inroads in to the NFT Market place for top artists and also to provide for a bridge that will help cross-field collection of NFTs. BitTorrent File System (BTFS) and TRON Network are set to support this extensive distributed storage system.


Genesis NFT Badges are set to be issued by TRON on March 31, 2022.  The NFT Badges focus on building new community forces on TRON.  The APENET Marketplace focuses on lowering the entry barrier for its users through the new NFT market making it easy for all to buy NFT.


APENFT believes that “If a single NFT is not just an investment, what else could it be?” Also, “APENFT Marketplace is hailed to be the Best and Profitable NFT marketplace in Tron.”


Thus, APENFT is set to provide secure, reliable, efficient and decentralized services to art lovers.  Famous art pieces are democratically converted to NFTs by APENFT. Thus, these artworks are transformed by being elite items to property which can truly belong to the people, because art is supposed to belong to everyone.


                      “The Genesis NFT Badges are limited edition”

And, those who have the badge have a high opportunity to receive airdrops and whitelists among TRON NFT projects. The Genesis NFT Badge is an exclusive identity for TRON users in the APENFT platform.

About 10,000 badges are set to be distributed for free to TRON community members and major contributors. Every eligible user will be getting only one badge. After receiving the badge users can sell it in the APENFT market for a desired price of their choosing; however, once sold users will lose rights to the exclusive privileges associated with it.

                       “ONE APE ONE NFT” is the slogan for the upcoming APENFT Marketplace!”

APENFT Marketplace is set to be down to earth, less expensive, yet comprehensive.

Following the coming of the APENFT market place, TRON is set to build the TRON 101 community to facilitate comprehensive engagement between consumers.  Thus, supporting NFT developers financially in a way diversifying the market landscape, while also ensuring to incentivize creators offering outstanding performance.

APENEFT expressed: “APENFT Marketplace testnet will be launched on Mar.31st. The best & profitable NFT marketplace is coming.  To celebrate our upcoming Marketplace, generous rewards for developers and users are on the way. Stay tuned!”

Overall, the motive is to provide for a prosperous NFT market place for art lovers.


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