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GMO To Launch a Client Designed Software for ZEC Mining

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GMO Internet Inc., a premier internet service provider in Japan, recently has launched new mining software. According to the insider, this is client designed software for mining ZEC or Zcash on GPUs or Graphic Processing Units. By the way, ZEC is a digital currency aspired at utilizing cryptography to give improved privacy for its users opposed to other digital assets like ETH and BTC. GMO recently announced the new client Cryptknocke, in a press release posted yesterday.

The new client Cryptknocker has purportedly been made to allow users mine digital currencies which based on Equihash consensus algorithm utilizing commonly-accessible chips of Graphics Processing Units. Not like more dedicated and specific ASICs or Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, Graphics Processing Units are used expansively in various domestic or local computers.

According to the report published recently, the maker of this digital currency ( Zcash ) unrolled the Equihasg algorithm, and the Zcash mining algorithm would function to take confirmation of the transaction out of the responsibility of a real handful of crypto miners.

GMO in recent research commented that the new software for digital mining currency could be downloaded for free. On the other hand, the company will deduct 2% of the total mining earnings to compensate for the costs of its development. Graphics Processing Units disputes that a majority individual level, software which allows effective calculation procedure is a vital aspect in order to have successful mining.

Cryptknocker is indeed one of the several GMO forays into the field of digital currency. In fact, the firm already operates its own coin exchange, an important mining operation. It has embraced paying a part of its employee salaries in BTC.

According to the current reports, this summer season GMO also revealed next-generation chips that are based on highly-developed 7nm semiconductor tech, which the company comments are set to ship a portion of latest machine software at the end of October.

A few months ago, GMO unveiled a latest online banking system which will control blockchain technology as the main part of its tech arsenal in collaboration with Aozora Bank and GMO Financial Holdings. GMO Coin also pledged to enhance its capability in keeping the information safe after the authority’s recognized inadequacies during a cross-business probe which followed the USD530m hack of Coincheck, a Japanese based digital exchange last January.

Recently, GMO has presented to the public BTC based-app for in-game rewards known as Crypto-Chips, this happens last August.

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