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Good Time to Start With Crypto Education

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An eToro survey has revealed that the gender gap is seen concerning cryptocurrency education, which in turn is all set to shape the likelihood of whether someone will be interested or not interested in trading the cryptocurrencies.

The survey finds that about 51% of the Women cited the lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency as being the major reason for why they will not trade cryptocurrencies. Only 39% of the men stated that lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency prevented them from trading cryptocurrencies.

About 76% of the women stated that they were not well-versed in cryptocurrency trading and only 54% of the men stated the same. There was a widespread interest among both the genders when it comes to getting educated on topics related to cryptocurrency.

The result of the research have revealed that women have a stricter view about being well-informed when compared to the men perception of what contributed to being well-informed. Women tend to require more information than men when they are taking a risky decision.
The difference in perception about being well-informed between men and women establishes the gender disparity that exists when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

Several people across the board were more interested in learning about cryptocurrency. Some of them who were involved in crypto trading was also keen on learning more. About 97% of the respondents in the survey related to crypto trading had to say that they were more interested in learning about crypto-assets.

Due to the lack of reliable sources for cryptocurrency education and the lack of clear infrastructure to impart cryptocurrency education, there are problems with crypto trading among both genders as reported by eToro.
In a recent survey, about 67% of the respondents stated that they learn to trade by observing the online trading process. About 43% stated that they look into the social media for help and guidance. Top social media that were reported to provide with quality help according to respondents were YouTube, Telegram, and Crypto Chat Channels.

YouTube has been historically known to serve as a platform for those artists who promoted Ponzi schemes; therefore, it is a little concerning. Of note, Google and YouTube were named as defendants in a class-action lawsuit by BitConnect victims.

Social media cryptocurrency promoters are currently aware that investors are looking for reliable information after the crypto price decline in 2018.
Guy Hirsch, the US Managing Director from eToro, stated that this the good time to provide with crypto education.

The eToro social trading platform has realized the hunger that people have for decent crypto education. Therefore, they are allowing people to see actually what the top traders are doing; thus amateurs can copy trade if they think it is the best way to go.

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