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Here’s What Holding 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 XRP Would be Worth if XRP Hits $100


XRP has consistently been a topic of interest among investors. Currently trading below the crucial $0.50 mark, XRP has faced significant challenges but remains a beacon of potential for those looking toward long-term gains. If XRP were to reach the $100 mark, the implications for holders of varying amounts would be substantial.

Current Market Conditions

XRP continues to trade under $0.50, having decisively fallen below this threshold on June 20. Despite occasional price spikes, XRP has not been able to sustain a recovery above this level, mirroring the broader market downturn that has also affected Bitcoin (BTC), keeping it below $65,000 since June 21.

Increased Accumulation Amidst Market Decline

Despite the bearish market, many analysts view this period as an opportunity to accumulate XRP at a lower cost. At its peak price of $3.31 in January 2018, $1,000 would have bought only 302 XRP tokens. At the current price of $0.4791, that same investment now yields 2,087 XRP tokens. This significant discount has led to a surge in accumulation, particularly among whale investors.

Data from Santiment indicates that wallets holding between 1 million and 100 million XRP, as well as those with at least 1 billion tokens, have increased their holdings. As of June 10, these large holders collectively owned 34.26 billion XRP, a figure that has grown to 35.53 billion tokens in less than a month, representing an accumulation of 1.27 billion XRP.

Worth of 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 XRP at $100

Smaller investors have also joined the accumulation trend, particularly those holding between 1,000 to 10,000 XRP. This buying spree is driven by confidence in a potential price recovery, with many projecting ambitious price targets, including the $100 mark.

If XRP were to reach $100, the value of different holdings would skyrocket:

  • 1,000 XRP: At the current price of $0.4791, 1,000 XRP is worth approximately $479. If XRP hits $100, this investment would be worth $100,000, yielding a return on investment (ROI) of 20,766% and a gain of $99,521.
  • 3,000 XRP: A holding of 3,000 XRP would be valued at $300,000 if the price reached $100, resulting in a gain of $298,563.
  • 5,000 XRP: Investors with 5,000 XRP would see their portfolio surge to $500,000, marking the largest gain among the evaluated holdings.

Can XRP Reach $100?

The possibility of XRP reaching $100 is a subject of much debate. To achieve this price, XRP would need to rally by 20,666% from its current value. At $100, XRP’s market capitalization would soar to approximately $5.56 trillion, surpassing the current global crypto market cap.

While this scenario seems improbable, it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Market commentators have occasionally entertained the idea. For example, three months ago, pundit Andrew Forte suggested that XRP could reach $100 by 2037. Additionally, market analyst BarriC argued in April that XRP might be undervalued at $100, predicting that such a price could be seen as a bargain between 2032 and 2033.


While the prospect of XRP reaching $100 remains speculative, the current accumulation trends and market dynamics suggest that many investors are optimistic about its future potential. Holding 1,000, 3,000, or 5,000 XRP could yield substantial returns if the cryptocurrency achieves such high valuations. However, as with all investments, it is crucial to approach these projections with caution and consider the inherent risks involved in the volatile crypto market.

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