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Horizen ZEN Cryptocurrency Pipeline Activity Defined in Roadmap and Podcast Keeps Community Engaged

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The Horizen podcast keeps the community up to date with the Horizen project.  The Podcast is available in iTunes, Soundcloud, and on a few other stores. Horizen considers the community’s engagement and participation very important.  They have grown their community by 250% in the past year, which consists of the mailing list and social media channels.

Monthly Livestreams, interviews, and conference presentations are made available from the regular Podcast.  This will be very helpful to those without sufficient bandwidth or internet connection to stream the videos.

The Podcast will be available in Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, LibSyn, Stitcher, TuneIn, OverCast, Acast, and Castbox. The reason for the Podcast is to make Horizen a seamless part of the everyday routine of the community.

Sydney Ifergan, tweeted: “ Horizen released Zend 2.0.20.  It has been stated that all exchanges, mining pools, node operators, and full node wallet users should upgrade before February 25, 2020.”

Horizen grows more in each quarter.  They have the largest node network with the multi-tiered node system. Watching their live stream will help learn more. Also, keeping a close watch on the Weekly Insider gives clarity about happenings at the Horizen. As always, the network is open to creative minds, and this is a chance for users to sell their masterpieces in the Horizen store.

Horizen ZEN 2020 Roadmap

The Horizen ZEN  2020 Roadmap reveals the activities in the pipeline for Horizen.  The road map is updated for the four financial quarters.

The Q1 is scheduled for Sidechain Beta 1Q parallel test net, kickoff voting using ID study start in March complete in 4Q (UNC), Sphere Desktop issues, Sphere Desktop modifications, node tracker improvements, ZEND deprecation (bug fixes only), ZEND code audit (third party), HDE beta public testing, Academy Lite on Medium, and Publish Academy Expert content.

The Q2 is scheduled for SideChain Beta 2.0: Extended Model Mainchain support with parallel testnet, block explorer upgrade, ZEND Deprecation (bug fixes only), ZEND Code audit (third party), HDE – sidechain beta community testing, Academy ebook, and node tracker improvements.

The Q3 is scheduled for Sidechain Beta 2.0 move to official testnet, Sidechain Beta 2.0 code fixes, ZEND Extended Model Code audit (3rd party), ZEND Deprecation (bug fixes), Academy rewards, HDE team requests, Node Tracker Improvements.

The Q4 is scheduled for SDK add extended model 4Q in Testnet, SDK + extended model audit, publish voting using ID study (UNC) (reach goal), Academy social badges, HDE leaderboard, HDE proposal system, and node tracker improvements.

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