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Iceland Industry Is Planning to Move Away from Crypto Mining and Embrace Pure Blockchain Business

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Many local business insiders in Iceland forecasted that the crypto market in the said country is anticipated to back off from crypto mining and embrace pure blockchain business.

Borealis Data Center chairman Halldor Jorgensson, told Herring that need for local crypto and blockchain facilities in Iceland is changing more towards the pure blockchain business, instead of concentrating on mining BTC.

Jorgennson in an interview stated that the agitation and anger surrounding BTC mining had dropped down to a significant level which isn’t as popular and high as it was many years ago when the digital currency had reached its record price value. In spite of this, Reykjavik-based Borealis Data Center chairman has suggested that the wave of BTC mining plays an essential role in the faster development of data businesses as well as local energy, which well-made infrastructures are not anticipated to give a boost to companies related to the blockchain.

Iceland is considered one of the leaders in digital mining in Europe, and this is because of its naturally cold weather and the plethora of sources of cost-effective energy- hydroelectric and geothermal for the most part. This European country is a place to one of the five biggest crypto mining farms in the world, who machinist Genesis Mining is allegedly the only biggest consumer of electrical energy in this country.

In February, HS Orka’s business development manager of a local energy Johann Snorri Sigurbergsson forecasted that the amount of digital currency mining in this country would increase to a greater extent this year.

Chief Executive Officer of HS Orka Asgeir Margeirsson asserted that in July the crypto mining business had pushed the 4th generation, at the same time as Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines director commented that miners of BTC are central to the revolution of the business that is still in progress.

On the other hand, Johann Snorri Sigurbergsson of HS Orka also disputed that the BTC is perhaps will not be here far into the coming years, asserting that the data centers which are used by BTC miners at this point will sooner or later turn out to be new technology incubators.

In past few days, Bitfury, a group of blockchain tech has announced the launching of the new generation bitcoin mining hardware. The company has a plan of using this latest hardware in its mining centers located in various parts of the globe including Iceland, Canada, Georgia as well as Norway.

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