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ICOs With a Product Are Becoming Rare: an Analysis of FundFantasy ICO – 50% Bonus Live Now

Fund Fantasy

ICO markets have shifted so much that it is difficult to keep up with them. Just a few months ago, it looked like the market was hungry for ICOs that promised to deliver on revolutionary services. Buyers were also looking to spend big, rewarding ICOs with high caps. Very few of these projects had their products ready, and people mostly learned their lesson the hard way. The most salient example is Tezos, which at the time broke all records with a raise of about $232 million USD. It seems that these ICOs came to market way too fast for their stage of product development and buyers got stung. ICOs with a more developed product on the other hand, were the anomaly, until markets started shifting, favoring ICOs with a more developed product, looking to raise smaller amounts.

Learning From Tezos

Buyers were not the only ones who learned the lesson from Tezos and other similar ICOs. Projects looking to launch their own products and services through an ICO, learned their lesson as well. Projects shifted to satisfy the buyers, looking to deliver on better defined, clearly achievable goals, while specializing even further in terms of their target market and the voids they aim to fill in it. These projects are also delivering more developed products and services for prospective buyers to look at before the ICO.

Apart from the fact that the markets are responding better to these kinds of ICO, the projects themselves are seeing the benefit from developing their product or service further before they come to market. More product development prior to the ICO, doesn’t put all the pressure on the developers once the sale is over. This allows developers to build their products and services with longer testing periods, while their nascent communities have the chance to try them and projects gain more cohesion around the benefits of those products and services.

Takes More Time Now but Speeds Up Later

Many would say that this slows the pace of development down, because projects must carry out part of their development with significantly less resources. Nevertheless, the sacrifice is worth it. It takes these projects more time to start up, but once they come to market with a product or service that is in a more advanced stage of development, the ICO picks up faster. That momentum carries over into the post-ICO stage because those who bought into the project in many cases, can start using those products and services right after the ICO ends.

FundFantasy Speeding up Towards the End of its ICO

This is exactly what FundFantasy did with its ICO. FundFantasy is a Daily Fantasy Trading (DFT) Platform allowing users to compete for prizes by crafting the most profitable investment portfolio they can come up with. Its team made sure that their platform was up and ready for tests, showing prospective buyers exactly what they were buying into. Throughout the ICO, prospective buyers could go into the website and play a test tournament, which also allowed developers to debug and improve the product even while the ICO was taking place. Now that the ICO is almost over, those valuable lessons will be applied to the platform, and people who bought into this ICO, will have an operational service to enjoy quicker.

That is one of the greatest selling points FundFantasy and any other ICO that follows the same path can have. After previous ICO experiences, more buyers are looking for the project that gives them exactly what they are buying into. That is what FundFantasy offers, creating an exceptional experience for its nascent community, as well as cohesiveness around its product.

There’s currently a 50% Bonus, and the airdrop appears to be huge – so these are two good reasons to get in on this ICO before it ends.

To Participate in the ICO, click here: https://ico.fundfantasy.com

The ICO will end on March 25th, don’t miss out

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