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I’m Building My Crypto Portfolio For My Grandchildren.


I’m Building My Crypto Portfolio For My Grandchildren

Some of you reading this article may be a bit puzzled by the title and what I mean by it. Let me explain. I am investing and building my crypto portfolio for my grandchildren to enjoy once I gone!! It’s that simple. Call me crazy but I want to grandchildren to have a financial head start in life. 

I actually talk to my grandchildren all the time about cryptocurrency. My oldest grandson is almost 11 years old and he is fascinated with digital assets. Granted, he does not fully grasp blockchain technology but he enjoys listening to me talk about it. I try to explain to all my grandchildren about cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, ICO’s, and anything related to blockchain.

Recently, I visited my oldest grandson’s school and one of the assignments was to draw a picture of me and write a paper on what hobbies I liked. Much to my dismay, he drew a picture of me and had the bitcoin symbol all around me. For his paper, when he listed my hobbies he wrote “cryptocurrency.” I was so surprised and later told him what a great picture he drew of me.

My intention in all of this is to help my grandchildren gain an understanding of cryptocurrency. Yes, they are young in age and most likely do not understand a lot of what I’m talking about. That does not matter to me. What matters are that one-day, when they get older, they will have a memory of me talking about it. They’ll be thankful I gave them my crypto portfolio.

I do not pay much attention to the token price of a project I invest in. I’m not a trader so the day-to-day market volatility does not bother me. I tend to think in terms of years and decades with my portfolio. I know that in 3 years, 9 years, or 15 years from now, the cryptocurrency market will be much different than it is today. Prices will be much higher. I can only imagine what the total market cap in the crypto space will be.

My desire is that my grandchildren will someday tell their friends about the crypto investments I made for them when they were very young. One day my grandchildren will tell their spouses about the portfolio I built for them. My grandchildren are one of many reasons I’m passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

What are you doing, if anything, to help your grandchildren know more about cryptocurrency? Consider talking to them about it or buying some cryptos for them! Someday they’ll be glad you did!

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