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Instant payments for in-store transactions – Property Taxes Paid using Cryptocurrency

Instant payments

Buying Ikea gift cards and Airbnb with Bitcoin and Altcoins is enabled with a new feature in Bitrefill. The crypto firm has enabled several retail stores which previously did not have the inclination to accept the cryptocurrency to be able to accept these digital assets.

Instant payments for in-store transactions using Bitcoin was facilitated to help mass adoption of crypto so that people can spend the crypto like regular cash.

Innisfil property tax bill can now be paid using Bitcoin.  It is expected that the Innisfil website will provide for more cryptocurrency options very soon.

Lynn Dollin, Mayor of Innisfil stated, “There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is growing in usage and popularity. By getting into this now, we are making sure our municipality is ahead of the game, and signaling to the world that we truly are a future-ready and innovative community.”

Mati Greenspan, in his opinion about the value of Bitcoin moving back to $4,000 stated, “We cannot go from crypto winter to summer in just a few days and probably not even in few weeks. Spring is particularly a time of volatility where hot and cold are particularly surprise us. Though Bitcoin has yet to snap the bear market, I believe that the crypto winter is now over and we are entering crypto spring.”

Murad Mahmodov implied that volatility is a neutral signal.  He recollected about how historically prolonged bull runs were often associated with preceding bull runs, particularly after moments of high momentum. It is expected that Bitcoin in terms of its price volatility will hit the lowest of the instability ever recorded.

With Bitcoin miners making approximately $7.2 million a factor of 50 will decrease a day rewards after the halving. Buterin illustrated,

“If you take the hashrate of Bitcoin and divide it by the factor of 50, it becomes much stronger than what ETC has, and when ETC got 51% attack. So in general, people perceive the promises of supply caps, even if they are backed by angry and ideologically-excited people, as less credible than people generally view them now.”

At the time of reporting the news, Bitcoin was trading at 4,008 USD.  The higher highs and lower lows are continuing to trend in the Bitcoin 4-hour chart.  The RSI chart has been changing direction south. The long-term outlook for Bitcoin is however bullish.  The 150-day moving average worked as key support during the primary stages of the bullish market. However, it is currently indicative of overhead resistance in the concluding stages of the bear market.

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