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Investors Bored Waiting the Promised Bottom Price for Cryptocurrency Investment


The cryptocurrency market did not deliver the expected results to many of its investors. There are those investors who know that there is money to be made even in the bear market.

Analysts promised a bottom price and that has not been reached yet.  And investors are already bored waiting.

The governments are yet to come out to a stable regulation for this financial asset type.  The year 2018 had several cryptocurrency companies shutting down their shops. The year 2018 is closing, and the market is looking forward to what the year 2019 has got to offer.

Whether Bitcoin will crash to nothing or whether it will evolve to a bullish version is something we are yet to witness.

Henri Arslanian from PricewaterhouseCoopers is projecting a positive outlook for the company.  He opines that cryptocurrency will have a positive year 2019.

The overall bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market led to the stepping in of institutional investors who know they have an opportunity. Cryptocurrency is gaining recognition as an investment class.  The entry of giants is set to continue in the year 2019.

Institutional investors are waiting to see what the regulators have to say in order to confirm their terms and conditions concerning cryptocurrencies and related transactions.  After a clear regulatory framework is set and declared, institutional investors will be launching their solutions, some are waiting to create new partnerships, and others are looking to partner with crypto companies.

The CEO of Binance stated that they would begin Q1 of 2019 “with a bang.”

Mike Novogratz, the crypto investor, stated that the Bitcoin would “surge in 2019.”

Investors are not going to forget the classic cryptocurrency scams of the year 2018. Bitcoin-stealing code that infected nearly 700,000 websites, affiliate schemes incentivized with ransomware, photoshopped fake money in exchange for 500 Euro notes, Twitter scams, and more of scams that created the Ripple are lessons learnt that the crypto world will never forget from the year 2018 calendar.

It was a hard year for many crypto investors.  Several exchanges have delisted coins out of their exchange. Trends are evolving in a way to set criteria to list coins after verifying if they fulfill the basic criteria.

When regulations are in place, it will become important for miners to adhere to the suggested roadmap.  They need to establish a market behavior.  They need to be assuring liquidity. There will be an observation period to study behavior.

Overall, regardless of the market volatility and bearish trend, cryptocurrency is all set to establish itself across different nations of the world in the fintech industry.

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