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KPMG Ex Partner and Head of Strategy and Operation Joins XinFin


Blockchain, as an umbrella concept, has set out a wave of innovation through both technological and business world. As a digital infrastructure, it has opened the way for multiple use cases, most popular of them being cryptocurrency. The attributes of no third party, no intermediary and decentralisation which means no single point of failure has created a stir in almost every industry.

Over a period of last few years, leading thought leaders from across industry verticals have joined various blockchain companies implying the rise in interest in blockchain technology and its utility for solving challenging problems across all industry verticals, especially in developing countries.

Recently, S. V. Sukumar, a renowned thought leader and former Partner and Head of Strategy and Operation Consulting at KPMG joined XinFin. XinFin, a global blockchain based company, that has developed commercial grade hybrid blockchain technology with the underlying token XDC, has worked extraneously to develop industrial applications based on blockchain framework pervading several industries like supply chain, healthcare, trading and global financing.

With over 40 years of diverse experience in industry and management consulting, Sukumar has been pioneer in implementing management concepts like TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean, serving top Fortune 500 companies. In his position he has improvised strategy and performance in Financial Services, Supply Chain, Consumer and Industrial Products, Pharma, Automobiles, etc., and has helped clients to enhance revenue while reducing costs.

As a global consulting pioneer he will guide the blockchain-based company as it continues to develop its flagship XDC protocol to power the innovative business platforms that XinFin will use to revolutionize interactions between business and their customers. Sukumar will provide strategic counsel in the areas of blockchain technology and business development.

Sukumar will be leading the firm as a consultant and advisor, demystifying the Blockchain as a future technology. So far, Blockchain has been synonymous with cryptocurrency and therefore Blockchain technology needs to create grand awareness on global level for both technological and application aspects. Post working on the basic awareness, Sukumar will be advising clients on Blockchain’s evaluation as the impactful solution for their respective businesses. As per the business use case, he will be assisting in selecting the right technology and effectual implementation. Apart from this, his role involves provisioning change management support and integration support. Using his diverse experience of across 30+ industries, Sukumar would be advising XinFin’s clients on business and technology strategy to drive profitable growth and technology enhancement.

Blockchain, as of today is more prevalent in financing and trading industry but the potential of Blockchain extends to vast number of industrial applications. As per Sukumar, It is going to change the way we live, think and act. The continuous research has pushed the development in the direction of enterprise use cases paving a way for improvised applications based on the principles of Blockchain in diverse use cases like supply chain management or logistics, travel bookings, banking and trading, to name a few. XinFin’s permissioned Blockchain solution addresses regulatory concerns, security as well as  privacy issues in a plethora of business solutions.

Hybrid Blockchain has come over as a winner over the drawbacks of public and private blockchains, offering a solution that is pervasive as well as persuasive. By combining the best of both worlds, XinFin’s XDC protocol creates a global network of enterprise based private sub networks acting as master nodes, analogical to global network of  local area networks.  As a known fact, data in Public Blockchain is visible to everyone which creates security issues. Private Blockchains being centralized, create auditability issues. Hybrid network or permissioned Blockchain is able to explore the true potential of Blockchain. It carries the attributes of both public and private networks, making it suitable for business institutions and government use cases as well.

XinFin comprises of a team of enthusiastic and brilliant young people focused on technological and business innovation. The organisation has been extensively creating Blockchain based enterprise applications for trade, finance, working capital management, travel, supply chain, aviation, etc. XinFin’s progress in enterprise solutions powered by unique hybrid Blockchain is commendable considering their unique approach towards development. Such a progressive spirit combined with Sukumar’s expertise is going to be a powerful combination for creating a world class, user-experience focused on growth oriented technology.

With 40 years of experience in dealing with services and products, his value addition to the company as well as the industry is bound to be revolutionary.

Follow XinFin on Twitter (@XinFinF), on Telegram and on Slack (https://xinfin-public.slack.com/).

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