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Let’s Create a Culture of Honor and Respect for Crypto Newbies.


When I was growing up as a little boy, my parents taught my sisters and I to treat other people with honor and respect. I was raised in a family that placed a high priority on relationships. Within these relationships, I was taught to be kind and generous to people. Everyone has a story to tell and we need to be quick to listen to others. I like talking to people but the older I get; I realize I need to be listening more. I enjoy asking people questions and then listening to them.

Yesterday on my Twitter account, I posted the following: “I’m promoting a culture of honor and respect on all my social media platforms for crypto newbies. It was only a few short years ago, when I was new and people welcomed me.”

When I first entered the cryptocurrency space in 2017, I was surprised at how welcoming and polite people were on Twitter, Telegram and YouTube. I wanted to learn as much as I could so I asked a lot of questions that were answered with kindness. Even though I was just beginning to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain, everyone on my social media platforms was friendly and courteous in answering my questions.

I would like to extend the same lesson my parents taught me many years ago, to the entire cryptocurrency community. Treat everyone, especially crypto newbies, with honor and respect when you interact with them on social media. A little kindness goes a long way in making friends and keeping friends. 

In 2018, I took three crypto road trips. Because of the honor I treated people with when they asked me questions on social media, these were the same people that invited me into their homes to talk cryptos. I’ve now become friends with them and they are now teaching their friends and neighbors about cryptocurrency. 

My belief is that in 2019, millions of new people will be flooding into “cryptocurrency” platforms like Twitter, Slack, Medium, and YouTube. In some ways, I believe, it’s the job of older and more mature people to treat these new people with kindness. Try to help people in whatever way you can. 

My cryptocurrency family grows each week. I interact with crypto newbies on all my social media platforms. I’m glad I have the opportunity to answer a question for them or make a recommendation to them. I’m happy to do this because when I was a crypto newbie, people treated me with respect and honor.

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