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Litecoin Has Its Own Unique Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, and it is Cheaper than Bitcoin


The support level for Litecoin went down, and there is a bearish trend seen for this token.  In the 4-hour chart, resistance is seen at $32.  The next significant break for LTC is predicted to be either above $33 or somewhere near $25. While Litecoin seems to be on the rise, there is a general investor curiosity of what will be the fate of Litecoin in 10 years from now.

Litecoin has recently begun to get some media attention.  The network of Litecoin is built enough thoughtfulness, and it is all set to release its potential in 2019.  While the cryptocurrency market is full of competition, there is still space for Altcoins to establish a space and place for themselves.

For Litecoin to people the people favorite, it need not overtake Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

The price of Ethereum was seen trending by resistance levels at $240, $250, and $260 respectively.  Support levels were observed at $100, $90 and $80 respectively.  The price of Ethereum was trending in the bearish zone yesterday.  At the time of writing the news, Ethereum was trending at $121.91.

Litecoin has a cryptocurrency ecosystem of its own.  The algorithm that Litecoin is different from Bitcoin. The transaction speed of Litecoin is better than Bitcoin because a Block in Litecoin is created within 2.5 minutes. And when considered regarding buy-ability, Litecoin is cheaper than Bitcoin.

It cannot be denied that Bitcoin is the pioneer in the cryptocurrency space.  Litecoin might not overtake Ethereum or Bitcoin, but it can bring in some decent returns.

For those who are interested in the cryptocurrency market, but are not wealthy enough to go for Bitcoin or Ethereum, can choose Litecoin. This cryptocurrency is particularly active when it comes to real-world use cases.

Litecoin is on the canvas for a lot of activities. They have recently sponsored a UFC fighter. Ben Askren recently tweeted on how happy he was to have been sponsored.  He further stated that he owned a few Litecoin.

Charlie Lee, recently tweeted that he was excited to see the LTC community come forward to support Ben Askren. Litecoin recently mined its 60 million coin.

A fork is however scheduled for August 08, 2019.

For whatever reason, Litecoin will thrive in the future. While the price is delaying the adoption, with improved popularity and use cases adoption will happen.

The company is focusing on improving adoption. When there is increased adoption, it will be possible for the Litecoin to move out of the bear market.

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