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Litecoin Rebranding with New Logo is expected to Give Positive Turn – Tron Becomes More Appealing


Litecoin is in the green area, and it has caught up with the position of Stellar. Litecoin has been listed in the 7th place.

Litecoin’s futures have been launched in Huobi’s derivative market. The 7th position did not happen all of a sudden.  The Litecoin has been progressive in its movement.  It has been growing aggressively.

The founder of Litecoin have been working to push it as the next generation payment option.

Litecoin community has got its new logo.  This they have done in response to the requests from their community member.  The token has been designed in partnership with The Token Agency.  The new design was first used at UFC232. This new logo is declared to be something that can be used freely, a typical tradition of the decentralized and open source Litecoin network.  The change in the logo design is an attempt to evolve the brand.

There is a lot of excitement revolving around the change in logo.

While major cryptocurrencies have been making the sideway trips, Tron and Litecoin have been registering some unusual moves.

The launch of BTT (BitTorrent Token) has triggered an air of optimism in the market.  The BTT is meant to be used to buy downloadable media on the peer-to-peer network.  The performance of BTT underscored the strong performance of TRX.  Tron is becoming very appealing because of the performance provided by TRX.

While TRON has forever been accused of having plagiarized White Paper, it is seen that it is increasingly becoming a point of focus and a project that is more than what it is made fun about.  The company is becoming a serious performer.

Peer-to-Peer file transfers have been the point of BitTorrent. However, the process is getting more streamlined than before. Project Atlas that will take care of the streamlining is under the leadership of Justin Knoll, the leader of the BTT Protocol.

Downloads are set to be faster for even those who do not use it with Atlas. Knoll has a strong belief in Atlas.  The best of all the shares will be incentivized.  And therefore more users are expected to use the platform.  The first airdrop is set to be in mid-February 2019. It is expected that about 6% of the total BTT will be sold on Binance by January 28, 2019, with $7.2 million hard cap.

It is the demand from customers that will ultimately push merchants to integrate cryptocurrencies into their payment systems.  There will be a point in time when the selling point will call for acceptance of cryptocurrency.

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