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Massive XRP Withdrawal from Binance as Prices Surge – What’s Fueling the Move

XRP Withdrawal

A significant movement of XRP has been observed, with close to 156 million XRP coins changing hands. This substantial transfer coincides with a mild 3% surge in the price of XRP, the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Among these transactions, a notable 92 million XRP was withdrawn from Binance, raising questions about the motives behind these movements and their potential impact on the market.

156 Million XRP on the Move as Whales Activate

According to Whale Alert, a popular blockchain monitoring service, there were four significant XRP transfers within the last day. These transactions saw almost 160 million XRP coins being moved, highlighting heightened activity among cryptocurrency whales.

Two of these transactions were substantial withdrawals from Binance, with the first involving 43,894,329 XRP, valued at approximately $20.86 million, and the second consisting of 48,270,270 XRP, worth around $23.06 million. Both transfers were directed to anonymous blockchain addresses, raising speculation about their purpose.

The first transaction took place roughly 22 hours ago, followed by the second almost five hours ago, as reported by Whale Alert. Further analysis by Bithomp, an XRP explorer, indicated that these transfers were to wallets linked to Binance, suggesting that they might be internal transfers aimed at redistributing the platform’s XRP holdings.

Ripple’s Significant Moves

In addition to the Binance withdrawals, Ripple itself was involved in two significant transfers. The first saw 32,710,000 XRP moved to Bitso, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America, equating to around $15.47 million. The second transfer involved 31,185,000 XRP being sent to Bit stamp, with a fiat equivalent of $14.74 million.

These transactions are noteworthy because both Bitso and Bit stamp are key partners in Ripple’s transnational payment system, previously known as On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) and recently rebranded as Ripple Payments. This system is designed to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions, indicating that these transfers could be part of Ripple’s operational strategies to maintain liquidity on these platforms.

What Does This Mean for XRP?

The recent large-scale transfers and price surge raise several questions about the future of XRP. The movement of 92 million XRP from Binance to unknown wallets suggests that significant players are either consolidating their holdings or preparing for further transactions. This could be a sign of confidence in XRP’s future value or part of a broader strategy involving large-scale trades.

Moreover, Ripple’s active role in moving significant amounts of XRP to exchanges like Bitso and Bit stamp indicates ongoing efforts to maintain liquidity and support their payment systems. These actions, coupled with Ripple’s stable coin development, show a company that is not only maintaining its position in the cryptocurrency market but also expanding its influence and capabilities.


The withdrawal of 92 million XRP from Binance amidst a price surge underscores the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market. As whales move large amounts of XRP, and Ripple continues to innovate and expand its services, the market watches closely. These developments highlight the importance of understanding the underlying strategies and movements within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which can significantly impact prices and market stability.

For investors and enthusiasts, keeping an eye on such large-scale transfers and the activities of major players like Ripple is crucial. As the market evolves, these insights can provide valuable guidance for making informed decisions in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

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