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ODUWA Coin Offers Insurance and Indemnity against Cryptocurrency Volatility

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ODUWA Coin, a Nextgen cryptocurrency, offers insurance and indemnity against cryptocurrency volatility by combining insurance and blockchain technology to provide investors with a way to protect themselves from losses in the cryptocurrency market.

ODUWA Coin is a secure cryptocurrency. In fact, it is one of the most secure options. Since it is a peer to peer payment mode, investors don’t need to worry about any third party getting their data. Digital assets are stored in a wallet only the investor can access with their fingerprint. All data is encrypted as well.

Cryptocurrency’s digital nature is prone to high uncertainty, hackers and volatility. ODUWA aims to solve these problems through a smart solution that involves choosing coins to insure. This will help investors keep a proportional reserve to the automated Smart Contracts and invested amount.

ODUWA is an innovative platform where approved coins inside the Exchange will be 100% insured against depreciation. Since there are a lot of insignificant coins on the cryptocurrency market, ODUWA will approve only 4 reliable cryptocurrencies against volatility and continue adding more as the platform grows. According to ODUWA, their solution will play an important role in establishing a new trust economy and stabilizing the market. ODUWA tokens are deployed through Ethereum and are immediately available upon purchase.

ODUWA guarantees and indemnifies selected cryptocurrencies on the platform’s insured list against devaluation by deploying smart contracts when the investor buys a crypto asset. The list of insured assets is decided by machine learning algorithms and ODUWA financial experts to give investors an idea about the best cryptocurrencies they can purchase at a certain period. The cryptocurrencies included in the list have the lowest risk. More investors will be willing to buy the cryptocurrencies included in the ODUWA Coin speculation list, which will further reduce the possibility of loss in value.

ODUWA tokens are currently offered for 21 cents per token. Those who can purchase now for $50,000.00 and above will have their tokens delivered at .15 cents each until the 5th of April. ODUWA’s final stage ICO will be offered for .90 cents starting from the 5th of April to the 5th of May 2018. The ODUWA community will also get discounts and bonuses.

The total supply of ODUWA is 21 million, 17,850,000 of which will be released during the ICO. Interested individuals can join by sending ETH using an ERC20 supporting wallet to ODUWA Coin. The right amount of ODUWA Coin will be sent to the user’s e-wallet. The ICO will continue until the crowdfunding campaign is able to raise $3,150,000 or the 90 days come to an end. ODUWA Coins can be traded on major exchanges as soon as the platform is launched.

There will be a lot of products to look forward to including ODUWA Exchange Platform, ODUWA Encrypt and ODUWA Insurance. The ODUWA token will serve as the platform’s currency, allowing ODUWA token holders to use the cryptocurrency as payment for any of their transactional activities.


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