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Only 7-Star Hotel Accepts Petro Payment from the Guests in Venezuela

seven-star hotel in Venezuela

The luxury seven-star hotel in Venezuela, which offers its guests a breathtaking view of the Caribbean cast and the Caracas, is currently accepting payments in the form of Petro, the country’s national cryptocurrency. A renovated Humboldt hotel will become the first ever seven-star property among its kind to accept crypto payment in the country’s crisis-stricken republic, according to President Nicolas Maduro.

Humboldt hotel is the landmark of Caracas and also considered among as the most exciting epitome of the XX century architecture found in the metro. This 19th story tower, which is built in Avila measuring 2,140 meters above the sea level, is offering its guests a 360 view that stretches to horizon. Aluminum and glass are covering the frontal face of the hotel, and it has 70 luxurious suites and rooms available. Guests who are paying Petro can also have the chance to enjoy the conference rooms, cable car, social areas, and indoor pools.

President Maduro, who has its part in the recently held reopening of the hotel said that it will be the first ever sever-star hotel to operate under his troubled country. Furthermore, the hotel will also be accepting the digital money as a mode of payment from the guests. The oil-backed cryptocurrency is introduced by his administration as the alternative to the fiat of the country, the Bolivar after the inflation that exceeded to 2,600% in the previous year.

The services and other extras at the Humboldt will effectively be rated in cryptocurrency issued by the state. Universal, the local newspaper mentioned that the visitors of the hotel would be buying Petro from the exchange bureau in Humboldt. The exchange bureau is renovated and is operated by Marriott.

During the hotel facility tour, Noticia Al Dia quoted that the president said that all of the hotels in the country are given the authority to charge in the convertible currencies but the hotel will be the model and a pilot with all the services charged in national crypto, so it can yield a convertible wealth for the country.

Some people have questioned the promised the seven-star rating of Humboldt. While there is no universal standard adopted already, the five-star system all around the world is widely used by the property owners, with a variety of criteria in every level. Most of the luxury hotels across the globe are actually promoted and highly regarded as five-star venues.

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