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Persistent Bear Zone in ETH Market Trends


The resistance level for Ethereum was seen at $210.28 through $200.63.  The support point was set at $172.  The Bollinger Band indicated less volatility.  The Awesome Oscillator on the histogram is forming green lines. Chaikin Money Flow indicates less inflow of money. A bearish crossover is indicated in MACD with the moving average lines going below the signal line.  The Aroon indicator shows an exhausting bullish trend.  The RSI has crossed the oversold line.

The indicators express that there is a substantial chance of a bear zone persistent in the current market trends.

Of note, making use of the graphics processing unit to mine Ethereum is not any profitable.  The hash rating is declining in the network. The major reason for the decline is the decrease in profits.

ETH used to be the second highest cryptocurrency based on the market cap.  Ethereum Classic is the hard forked version in 2016.

Ethereum has got applications that are beyond the process of receiving and sending funds.  Ethereum is the also the well-known platform for developers.

Proof of Work is used to verify Ethereum transactions over the blockchain network.  The Ethereum Virtual Machine functions a lot like a computer. This machine can run complex codes, and it can solve almost any type of equation by making use of appropriate resources.

Developers can create dApps for customized purposes.  The decentralized applications can run smart contracts to facilitate automated agreements.  The dApps exist on a decentralized platform.  These dApps are managed by a centralized company, and they exist in a network which does the task of verifying transactions without using third-party services.

Smart contracts as well exist in the decentralized network.  These contracts are used to pre-set the terms and qualifications.  Thus, preventing the requirement for lengthy discussions.  The funds in the smart contract are not controlled by anyone.  When the party fulfills the terms, the contract will automatically withdraw the money from the other party’s account.  This system works in a trustless manner.  You need not even know the other person, and the blockchain will automatically hold the funds until terms of agreement are completed on the respective sides.

The Ethereum network is well facilitated.  And the interesting thing is that there is no maximum supply for Ether.  The community will be able to mine 18 million ETH per year. However, when the total supply of ETH increases, the 18 million per year will appear to be a small number.

The network makes use of Gas which is a unit to calculate the Blockchain fees.  These are all that makes Ethereum.  And, the price decline and the market cap decline with all of these features can be shocking, but we need to wait to see how the events unfold.

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