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Pope is the Latest Target of Crypto Scam

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Cyberspace is not all fun and enjoyment. It can also be the breeding ground for scammers. People would be surprised at the new victims of these scams is the Pope. The scam poses fake crypto giveaways that target the famous people in the world. The scam process makes a threat to both inside and outside of the digital currency sphere.

Researchers say there’s a familiar pattern that scammers do. The researchers focus on 88 user profiles. Some of these profiles are dummy accounts that target personalities. The scammers use a bot network for the scams.  People can see the scam work by offering certificates and re-tweeting process. The dummy account of Pope Francis is an example of how the scam works.

An actual twitter might expect that he or she receives a tweet from the Pope. But, in reality, the tweet is only a way for the users to receive fake crypto certificates. The spread of the dummy accounts is a clear indication the scam is getting worse.  Reports say there are 15,000 dummy accounts on Twitter. The liking and the re-tweeting process keeps on going.

Due to this, the scammers have an excellent way to target more famous people. Most Twitter users don’t recognize the difference between the fake accounts from the original. So, they need to be cautious about the pattern of the scammers. Most users would be eager to know the crypto certificates so they would check the tweets to them.

As the scam continues, it goes beyond the control system of twitter. Other users are cautious of the way the scammers operate. So, they would make extra safety efforts in following tweets from famous people. Users also need to manage their accounts in a clear manner. They must refrain from following the accounts of famous people.

There should be a sure way to lessen the scams. As of today, Twitter users need to be mindful of the effects of the scams in their lives.  Authorities are urging victims of the fake accounts to report right away.

Ongoing researchers are on the move to find out the source of the dummy accounts. Experts are trying to analyze the bot network and the other plans of the scammers.  From here, there’s a sure way for them to know the effects of the scams to other users. Furthermore, other methods can eradicate the creation of other dummy accounts. The researchers hope the scam would end soon.


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