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Pornhub Utilize Cryptocurrency as an Additional Payment Option

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Pornhub, an adult porn site now accepts cryptocurrency as their mode of payment. The announcement made by the company recently focused on its aim to provide easy access to their site and to most especially to their premium users. Pornhub is now accepting Verge cryptocurrency, a rebranded version of the Dogecoin dark which split off from its original name, meme coin and Dogecoin in the year 2014.

Today, users can have the chance to pay for all the Pornhub features which include the Premium subscription with the use of the Verge cryptocurrency. The company’s adult sister sites like the Nutaku, and Brazzers, also accept the Verge cryptocurrency now. According to Pornhub, the Verge cryptocurrency is anonymity-focused. It is the reason why executives of the company say that they chose this cryptocurrency over its other potential partners like the Bitcoin and there.

It is also noted and expected for all the members of the adult site to view all the Verge cryptocurrency transactions with the help of the public ledger. Moreover, the public ledger uses an anonymous network layer and an anonymity tool to hide the certain transactions’ locations and IP addresses of all the users. Since these public ledgers sometimes have their downfalls especially in protecting the anonymity of its users, they can now have the choice to hide through the Verge cryptocurrency’s private ledger.

Corey Price, the Vice President of Pornhub, says that the Verge as a cryptocurrency can offer both security and convenience to most users. It is a dubious statement since most of the digital currency coins are of volatile prices and high transaction fees which can be a lot of hassle to users. Most of the companies like Stripe and Valve have decided to end their cryptocurrency payment mode due to the security and convenience issues. The company Stripe also added cryptocurrency to its list of prohibited businesses.

The Verge cryptocurrency is quite volatile at some point in time, just like other popular digital money. Last December, when the time where most of the digital coins were on their rise, the Verge digital currency hit closely $0.22 per coin however it dropped back down. With the announcement made by the Pornhub, the Verge cryptocurrency rose back to about 10 cents per coin which when compared to other popular digital currencies Ethereum and Bitcoin are still low.

Corey Price also added that the Verge Cryptocurrency is still a major change to their payment method and this will provide users with security and convenience. The partner website of the Pornhub also did accept cryptocurrencies back when most of the digital currencies like the Bitcoin had emerged. Still, the Pornhub was not one of the sites that include cryptocurrency as their mode of payment way back then, simply because the price of Bitcoin is still low. The overall adoption of the Verge cryptocurrency is relatively low, and the Pornhub thinks that the currency has gained proper steam for them to penetrate the market.

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