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ProBit Evolving to be the Organic Coin-to-Coin Exchange

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ProBit, the cryptocurrency exchange provides a trading engine that helps with fastest trades.  There is a high level of security available for the digital assets listed in this exchange.

The exchange is operating with a vision of becoming the best in the class professional trading platform at a global level. This is considered to be the main reason for why ProBit attracted a community of more than 25,000 people before its actual launch.  Of note, the community is purely organic.

The exchange provides for the best-in-class security.  The market analysis and trading tools are the best in the industry and are highly sophisticated.

ProBit is evolving to be the global Coin-to-Coin (C2C) exchange that will be serving to be the core for the fiat-to-local exchange across different nations in different geographical locations.  The platform will be focusing on improving its fiat-based operations across the world with the progress of time.

ProBit is right in features.  They are providing a range of offers, both for the novice and the experienced investors.  The order matching the capacity of ProBit is at 1,500,000 per second, and the platform is highly customizable.   The exchange can list more than 150 cryptocurrencies right away.

The platform uses the FIDO U2F security feature along with 2FA. They are also offering a secure cold-storage facility for their users, and this storage system will be able to store 95% of total assets at any point in time.

ProBit will also be floating 10% of 200,000,000 PROB native tokens.  This token will be the central element in the platform.  These tokens come with ERC-20 standards.  And, are likely to be the most preferred payment method in the platform for listing fee and other fees payable in the platform.

The PROB token holders will get the referral bonus.  They will have voting rights.  PROB token holders will be getting a decent discount on trading fees, and they will also be entitled to get early access to newer features.

PROB tokens will be made available via a token sale campaign and participants will be able to buy these tokens for attractive costs.

Depending upon the type of holding the investors subscribe to they will be getting a Standard Membership or Premium Membership. As the name indicates, Premium membership will be provided for improved token-holding benefits than the standard membership.  The eligibility conditions for these membership types will vary depending upon the trending market conditions.

After successful ProBit exchange launch, the trade mining concept will be implemented.  Newly mined tokens will be given as rewards to traders. The overall activity in the site will be driven by a unique mode. Of note, PROB tokens are not used for bounty or for marketing services.


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