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PwC Switzerland: Amongst Digital Assets, Only Crypto‘s Can Be Used

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Executive of PwC Switzerland stated that amongst the diverse kinds of digital assets available at this point in time, only cryptos could be used practically and realistically. PwC Switzerland Senior Manager and Data and Analytic Specialist Rolan Stadler assert that at first look digital assets are the same, but they really differ once you take a look at them carefully.

Stadler makes a disparity between currencies and digital assets, as just a few digital assets can be regarded currencies in the exact sense of the word. Then he divides these assets into 3 forms, currencies, security tokens and utility tokens.

PwC specialists stated that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are both a payment tool and a payment network in the same measure. This can be utilized without the participation of central institutions. The fuel for using a service or software is utility tokens. He cites ETH based smart contract to exemplify the disparity between ETH and BTC, noting that both are being used for speculation, there couldn’t be any more unusual.

Security tokens, on the other hand, include digital securities like shares in firms and rights to future gains from projects. Stadler also commented that this type of digital asset could be risky from a regulatory standpoint because they can fall under similar regulatory needs as a firm’s IPO.

Having explained the diverse kinds of online assets, Stadler ends that currencies are the only valuable ones, in spite of speculation on them in online currency markets. Stadler also commented that Bitcoin is regarded as a long-term investment. In fact, there is a growing acceptance as a mode of payment.

Technical stability plays an essential role. Priority is provided to resistance and security to external influence in conservative technological growth. With charges amounting to a few pennies only, BTC can bring considerable advantages in terms of fees in the area of worldwide trade, where conventional payment transactions can acquire extremely high transaction payments.

Ending his comment, Stadler gives emphasis to the significance of Bitcoin from an economic, sociological ,as well as technological perspective. He also stated possible opportunities for modernizing business models. Tokenization of assets and smart contracts are in their earlier life and will have an impact on trade world in the coming years. As for Initial Coin Offerings, he advises keeping away from them. This is because most are frauds and even legit projects are very small which the market is manipulated easily.


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