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Rapper Akon Makes His Own Cryptocurrency ‘Akoin’ for Use in Akon Crypto City

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Award-winning artist and rapper Akon yesterday (June 20, 2018) has announced the making of his own digital currency for use in his new “ Akon Crypto City located in Senegal “, this is according to the report of Page Six.

During a meeting at Cannes Lion, this African artist stated that his digital currency, known as Akoin, will be accessible in two weeks for application in the 2,000 acres of land that is awarded to him by Mark Sall, current President of Senegal.

Akon Crypto City is a 100 percent crypto-based metropolis with Akoin at the core of transaction life. Even before, Akon has been already involved in helping countries in Africa. As a matter of fact, he is the one who brings solar energy to Africa through his project called Lighting Africa. Akon believes that bringing digital currency to countries in Africa can assist empower its people.

Akon also believes that digital currency and blockchain can be the rescuer for countries in Africa in so many ways. This is because it brings the power back to the public and brings security banks into the currency platform. It also allows the public to make use of it in ways where they can progress and not let the government perform those things which are keeping them down.

When he asked about the specifics of the system, he demurred, telling that he comes up with the ideas and lets the experts and professional figure it out.

The respected rapper and singer also stated the possibility of his running for presidency in the 2020 national election. He imagined a future argument between himself, and Kaya West rapper and the current Pres. Donald Trump.

“He stated that the debate venue will be set where it is all about him. It is perfect, a master plan. He will be going to attend with a team so crazy. He will not hold his tongue. The way he looks at it, win or lose, at least he gets the movement going, and he gets the discussion going.”

Both Akon’s digital currency and his ambition of running for president in 2020 mirror those of McAfee, an Anti-Virus pioneer and a renowned follower of digital currency. John McAfee also announced that he would be releasing his fiat currency powered by crypto. He also announced that he will be running for presidency next election to gain a wider platform for promoting digital currency.



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