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Realecoin Security Tokens With Non-Stop Liquidity for Illiquid Investment Vehicles


Realecoin is the first kind of property fund that has been built on Ethereum blockchain.  This property fund has been built in partnership with Securitize.

The rationale behind Realecoin is explained as “Non-stop liquidity for illiquid investment vehicles,” which they say is very important to prevent the accessibility and liquidity issues in the property market.

The Realecoin is shortly called as the RC. This security provides holders with equity ownership and interest in the diversified property fund.  

Realecoin will be providing their users with Security tokens that are completely backed by fully compliant blockchain based funds, which are tokenized. This fund will be a bet on the multi-family houses and also on the mortgage debt across the US.   

The investors in the tokens will be getting fractional ownership and equity interest in the diversified property fund of the company.  Leaseum Partners offer security tokens for real estate property based in New York.

Those who are willing to buy the Realecoin tokens can buy it by making use of fiat currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum,  US dollar, and Euro.

Andy Strott, the co-founder of Realecoin, stated, “At Realecoin we have aimed in building a product that will first and foremost benefit the investors. We partnered with leading experts in the security token industry to ensure a compliant, secure and successful product. By partnering with Securitize, the pioneer in the industry, we planned to be at the forefront of the blockchain technology, and we strive to implement the most advanced aspects for investors.”

Realecoin’s RC token has been built using the Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. The company states that the security token is fully compliant and it will provide with liquidity non-stop.  

Carlos Domingo, the CEO, and co-founder of Securitize stated, “Realecoin provides a unique investment opportunity via tokenization of real estate assets.  The real estate is mostly considered to be a very illiquid asset. The lengthy track record of the management, alongside their commitment to regulatory compliance, makes the venture to be totally exciting for Securitize.”

In the past month, it was reported that Securitize partnered with Issuance, a security token marketing firm in which they will be sharing their experience related to the emerging industry of the digital assets.

The importance of compliance is seen across the issuance of all the security tokens.  This means that the hype around these crypto and blockchain based assets is likely a myth. If at all the crypto or the security tokens should stabilize it will be possible only with a Bitcoin that is more stabilized.

There are several hundreds of security tokens issued for real estates, and there are many others in their work. We are yet to see if it is the beginning of the golden age of transparency in the industry with lesser intermediaries,

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