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Revolution against unqualified and insufficient ICOs : INGOT Coin can do it!!

ICOs have become a equivalent word for hype, unjustified ratings and excessive risk. On the other hand, blockchain can increase project transparency, decrease investor risk and develop into an effective financing tool for quality blockchain projects.

Most of ICO’s fail because their product contribution is not needed as well as the fact that no major hearing can link with the product.

They don’t make sure you conduct intensive market research to make sure that there actually is a need for the initial coin offering concept they are trying to create. Projects make sure they try and create a real functional token economy that makes sense and has a reason for existing. People see many initial coin offerings out there that exist just for the sake to make money. These ICO’s are mostly scams and will fail.

Because a company is holding an ICO, does not necessarily mean that their product has anything to do with blockchain technology — just that they have tokenized their fundraising efforts using a platform. INGOT Coin aims that using blockchain technology is better, and investors need to be aware of why. Investors need to question if it makes good business sense to invest in a company based purely on its use of blockchain technology.

INGOT Coin ensures that funds and personal data are secured during and after ICO. In addition, the team ensures legal compliance not only in the country of registration, but also in all the countries where project operations and token use are planned. INGOT Coin uses transparent legal structure and provides clear justification for blockchain and own utility token. INGOT Coin team is sure to test  MVP if and consider how well it aligns with the promises made in the white paper, satisfies the use case, and demonstrates the advantages over other offerings in the space. We give importance that MVPs should have users, investigate any available customer feedback and how the team has responded. INGOT Coin believes that our brand is the face of our offering and the more time we take to create a good brand identity, the better the rest of our marketing communications will be.

INGOT Coin started to shape the future of the financial markets by collecting their soft cap, receiving over $40,000,000 USD. The team behind INGOT Coin announced that the Pre-token sale is officially closed after successfully raising $40,000,000 USD. In addition to this great new, all INGOT Coin holders can now use their ICC in our Brokerage, INGOT Brokers, and start trading over +1000 instruments. 1 ICC equals 1 USD and will be deposited accordingly in INGOT Brokers.

INGOT Coin ICO phase will finished at 10th October. Based on INGOT Coin extensive financial model, we have placed a hard cap of $90,000,000. This number will ensure we provide the best services with optimal allocations into each component of this all-inclusive ecosystem. Everything is going on right now and Dev team is already working on all our product under the favor of reaching the soft cap target. Team has continued to build innovative product and not waiting for finish of our ICO. INGOT Team believes that victory will be the true workers!!

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Sydney Ifergan

Sydney has 20+ years commercial experience and has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage.

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