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Ripple Partner Peersyst’s Bold Move: EVM Sidechain Paves the Way for XRP Surge


In a strategic move set to redefine the trajectory of Ripple’s native cryptocurrency, XRP, Peersyst, a key partner of Ripple, has declared its commitment to bring about a surge in demand, users, developers, investors, and even banks to the XRP ecosystem. This ambitious plan is tied to the imminent launch of the much-anticipated EVM sidechain, as revealed by Peersyst’s CEO, Ferran Prat, in an exclusive interview with the prominent XRP community figure Eri based in Tokyo.

XRPL Lagging Behind 2024 Standards:

During the interview, Ferran Prat expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of the XRP ecosystem. He highlighted a critical factor that has put XRPL at a disadvantage – the absence of support for Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs). Prat noted that there are approximately 700 EVMs in existence, making XRPL a standout project without EVM compatibility.

Prat acknowledged XRPL’s strong focus on payments, considering it the most crucial and optimal use case for blockchain technology. However, he emphasized that the lack of EVM connectivity acts as a significant bottleneck to XRPL’s growth and interoperability with other chains.

The Peersyst CEO lamented that this deficiency isolates XRPL from industry standards, leading to a decline in developer interest over time. Developers, attracted by more opportunities on EVM-compatible platforms, contribute to the restricted growth potential of XRPL. Prat stressed that XRPL’s failure to embrace compatibility with the expansive EVM ecosystem is a substantial mistake.

Peersyst’s Solution:

Ferran Prat clarified that Peersyst aims to rectify this situation by attracting numerous builders, users, and investors to the XRPL sphere through the introduction of the EVM sidechain. He envisions this influx increasing demand for XRP to execute contracts, fostering greater user involvement in the ecosystem.

Prat explained that while maintaining XRPL’s focus on payments, integrating additional utilities is crucial to enhance its appeal within the broader crypto ecosystem. He emphasized the significance of adopting EVM not as a replacement for XRPL’s core functionality but as an expansion of its capabilities to align with industry standards.

Team to Pay with XRP:

A notable aspect of Peersyst’s initiative is that, despite being an independent network, the sidechain will utilize XRP as its native token. Validators on the XRPL EVM sidechain will be compensated in XRP, marking a departure from the traditional burning of fees on XRPL. The network will accumulate gas fees in XRP, directing them towards the validators.

This strategic move aims to increase the adoption of XRP and broaden the asset’s appeal to the public. By incentivizing validators with XRP and embracing the expansive EVM ecosystem, Peersyst envisions positioning the XRP ecosystem at the forefront of blockchain technology standards in 2024.

In conclusion, Peersyst’s bold move to introduce an EVM sidechain signifies a pivotal moment for XRP, opening new avenues for growth, adoption, and utility. As the crypto community watches closely, the success of this initiative could mark a turning point for XRP, solidifying its position in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology. As XRPL navigates this path of reinvention, the crypto community eagerly awaits the unfolding of these groundbreaking developments and their potential impact on the broader crypto ecosystem.


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