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Shibarium’s Automated SHIB Token-Burning Mechanism Enters Testing Phase

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, developments within ecosystems often play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of tokens. A recent update from RagnarShib, a team member and admin of the Shibarium Telegram group, sheds light on the ongoing development of Shibarium’s automated SHIB token-burning mechanism. This article delves into the key details shared by RagnarShib, addresses community expectations, and explores the implications of the upcoming Shibarium burn mechanism for the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem.

Clarification on Burn Portal Deployment:

RagnarShib took to Twitter to provide a clarification regarding the deployment of the highly-anticipated Shibarium burn portal. The team member highlighted a misconception within the SHIB community, where some members expected the burn portal to launch on the mainnet in January. RagnarShib clarified that there might have been a misunderstanding and referred to The Shib Magazine, a Shiba Inu bi-weekly journal, which explicitly stated that the burn mechanism would undergo testing on Puppynet, the testnet version of the L2 scaling solution.

Quoting an excerpt from the magazine, RagnarShib emphasized that the mechanism would evolve into an automated system on Puppynet for testing purposes starting in January. This clarification aims to address the frustration expressed by some community members and set accurate expectations regarding the timeline of the burn mechanism’s deployment.

Shibarium-Powered Burns and Current Challenges:

Currently, the Shibarium team manually initiates burns using a portion of Shibarium fees. These burns have successfully incinerated over 43 billion SHIB tokens, totaling $390,440 at the time of writing. However, the existing model faces challenges related to efficiency and transparency.

The manual nature of the burns and associated limitations call for an automated solution that can address these issues and provide a more reliable and transparent mechanism for token burns. The upcoming automated burn mechanism is designed to operate based on predefined rules, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the burn process.

Anticipated Impact on SHIB’s Deflationary Model:

The deployment of the Shibarium burn mechanism on the mainnet is eagerly awaited within the SHIB community. The introduction of an automated system is expected to contribute significantly to SHIB’s deflationary model. By reducing the enormous circulating supply of 581.32 trillion SHIB tokens, the burn portal has the potential to positively impact the token’s price dynamics.

While a specific date for the mainnet launch is yet to be announced, expectations are set for the automated burn mechanism to go live before the end of the year. This milestone holds significance for SHIB holders and enthusiasts, as it represents a step forward in refining the ecosystem and enhancing the utility of Shibarium.

Community Engagement and Shibarium Utilization:

In a separate message, another team member, DaVinci, urged the SHIB community to actively participate in Shibarium transactions. DaVinci emphasized the importance of community engagement to sustain the burn initiative. Utilizing Shibarium for transactions increases the fees generated by the network, which, in turn, positively impacts the burns.

DaVinci’s message underscores the collaborative nature of the SHIB ecosystem, where active participation by the community plays a crucial role in achieving shared goals, including the successful implementation of the automated burn mechanism.


The ongoing developments within the Shibarium ecosystem, particularly the progress in testing the automated SHIB token-burning mechanism, signify the commitment of the SHIB team to enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the ecosystem. As the burn portal advances through testing phases, the community eagerly awaits its mainnet deployment, anticipating positive outcomes for SHIB’s deflationary model and overall market dynamics. The Shibarium ecosystem continues to evolve, driven by the collective efforts of the team and the active involvement of the SHIB community.

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