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Stellar Lumens’ Strategic Partnership with Börsenmedien AG – Nano Payment Solution


Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been up by 10% over the past 24 hours and is currently in the 9th position in the market.  The reason behind the surge were the many breakthroughs off the key resistance levels eventually to be on the upward curve. While the rest of the market is on the red, this is a different trend from Stellar Lumens opposed to Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and Litecoin.

The buy-in made into the SatoshiPay by Börsenmedien AG is considered to be one of the major reasons.

Bernd Fortsch, the CEO and founder of Börsenmedien AG stated that they would be coming up with a pay-per-article scheme, “There’s a gap in between inexpensive content that can be purchased on a pay-per-article plan, without hassle. SatoshiPay’s nano payment solution represents that missing link that fills the gap. We are excited about our stake in SatoshiPay, as well as the upcoming integration of their solution on our websites.”

Slides, crashes, recovery, and regulatory decisions:  Mainstream financial circles are now focused on the activities of stable coins. It seems to be a new season in the speculation market.  It is strategic partnerships at all levels.

With the unprecedented popularity, stable coins are believed to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space.

The stable coins trend is so contagious that “If you can’t defeat them join them,” JP Morgan gained the momentum, and it did it by launching its own JPM coin.

Analysts opine that this is a new trend.  Will this now popular trend stay is something that time should unveil.

Stable coins provide a sense of security and confidence due to their certainty.  The price of these tokens is stabilized by two tokens rather than one.  The second token will be listed in the market, and it will face all the adversities posed by the market.

All do not accept the two coin theory.  This theory is expected to fail in the long term due to the control it provides to its creators on the total supply of the crypto, which kills one of the main purposes of cryptocurrency.

Stable coins might not impact the market just like the Altcoins did.  Perhaps, if the element of decentralization is built into the stable coins with the appropriate refinement of the technology, this might be one of the best forms of reserve though.

The coming of a range of traditional markets into the crypto space is furthering several new blockchain based cryptocurrencies to come up with a stable coin.  The current trend for a stable coin is so popular that just like TRON and Tether partnerships many might arise.  Even the newest and smallest of coins like the TCAT tokens might come up with their stable coins.

However, with stable coins being based on the core element of centralization, whether it will be classed under the crypto brand is doubtful. Strategic Partnerships – A lot of them are set to happen.

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