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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Has A Workable Vision – Analysts Have Positive Projections Despite Lower Levels


The key pivot levels for XLM/BTC this year ranged anywhere from 0.000040 through 0.000028.  The token has been testing the lower levels over again, and there seems to be no luck breaking it. It the idea of history repeating should work, the price should bounce back to 0.000040.

However, analysts are of the opinion that Stellar Lumens might increase in value by four times in the year 2019.

Analysts are of the opinion that Stellar Lumens (XLM), which is the 6th largest digital asset is set to grow by four times this year. 

Crypto Briefing reportedly stated that Stellar Lumens would increase by 84% in January alone. This meant that the price of the token would be driven to $0.21 before the beginning of February.  This meant that this digital currency would touch upon $0.41, which amounts to an increase of 260%.

The bullish run for Stellar Lumens in the year 2019 would be caused due to strong partnerships, new listings in the exchange, and quick transactions.

From a fundamental outlook, it can be seen that XLM was listed recently in Coinsuper, which is a Hong-Kong Based exchange.  There have been declarations from AlphaPoint about their support for XLM tokens.  Alpha Point is a blockchain company actively empowering companies to scale, launch and operate their digital assets. Lumens is the native asset of Stellar Network that is supported by AlphaPoint for trading, withdrawal, custody, and depositing.

Stellar Lumens has got some good partnerships to contribute to an improved fundamental outlook like their partnership with IBM, which is likely to go live in 2019 concerning network usage.  The coin is disruptive, and it is set to be particularly disruptive for Banking.  Stellar has tested for incredible speed with transactions, where there have been transactions that took place in just three seconds.  They are concentrating on low-cost transfers.

Without a workable vision, it is not possible for any project to stay in the top 10 list.  XLM is seen to exhibit resistance to lower lows, and when compared to the rest of the cryptocurrencies, the depreciation is not as rapid.

Jed McClab, in a recent interview, stated that they were not doing well with marketing as most people already know what Lumens is and some of them have no idea about how Stellar Platform operates.

People are mainly focusing on short-term gains.  They are not digging deep to understand what they are getting in to. While XLM reportedly is one of the big losers in the top 10, we need to see how reality unfolds in the coming days.

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