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Swiss City Lugano Elevates Blockchain Integration: MyLugano App Embraces Polygon PoS for Web3 Access

Swiss City Lugano Elevates Blockchain Integration: MyLugano App Embraces Polygon PoS for Web3 Access

In a strategic move toward solidifying its status as Europe’s most crypto-friendly municipality, the Swiss city of Lugano has integrated Polygon’s Proof of Stake (PoS) into its renowned MyLugano payment application. This development not only enhances the app’s capabilities but also positions Lugano as a pioneer in embracing blockchain technology at the municipal level.

MyLugano’s Significance in Lugano’s Blockchain Journey

MyLugano, an award-winning app that previously received the IEEE Smart City Award, has been a pivotal tool in connecting nearly half of Lugano’s population—approximately 30,000 users—with the city’s loyalty program through its stablecoin, LVGA. This latest integration with Polygon’s PoS not only reinforces MyLugano’s role as a local payment tool but also opens up a world of possibilities for users by providing seamless access to decentralized applications on the Polygon network.

The updated MyLugano app introduces an asset section, designed to cater to seasoned users in the crypto space. This section allows users to activate and manage a multi-chain digital wallet for personal custody. Currently supporting several tokens, there are plans to expand this offering in the future, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience.

Lugano’s Vision: Transforming into Europe’s Blockchain Capital

Beyond the app’s technical enhancements, Lugano envisions transforming its picturesque lakeside town into Europe’s blockchain capital. The city’s ambitious plans include allowing the use of Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA for various payments, such as taxes, parking tickets, public services, and even student tuition fees. By integrating Polygon PoS, Lugano aims to facilitate seamless and efficient transactions, paving the way for broader cryptocurrency adoption.

Art Meets Technology: MyLugano’s NFT Collection

In a unique blend of art and technology, MyLugano is set to launch an exclusive NFT collection in collaboration with Lugano Living Lab. Titled “LVGA/XY Flowers,” this collection features the artwork of Yuri Catania—a 40-meter long and 8-meter high masterpiece created using the paste-up technique. The artwork, set to transform into a living green space with over 2,000 paper flowers, will be immortalized as NFTs on the Polygon network. These NFTs, signed by the artist, will be distributed to participants involved in the creation of this innovative piece.

MyLugano, a collaborative effort between the city of Lugano and Tether, has been revolutionizing local commerce for nearly 30,000 residents—almost half the city’s populace. This platform streamlines digital currency transactions with local small and medium enterprises, contributing to Lugano’s reputation as a crypto-friendly municipality.

Lugano’s Blockchain Initiatives: A Holistic Approach

Lugano’s strides in blockchain adoption extend beyond the MyLugano app. In March 2022, the city inaugurated the Center of Excellence for Blockchain Adoption in collaboration with Tether, signaling a commitment to becoming a prominent blockchain epicenter in Europe. The city’s leadership aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday financial transactions, starting with tax payments, with the broader goal of establishing digital currencies as commonplace options for various purchases and services.

While Lugano’s initiatives are commendable, it’s worth noting that it follows the footsteps of Swiss cities like Zug and Zermatt, which have already embraced cryptocurrencies for tax settlements. Nonetheless, Lugano’s comprehensive approach, coupled with the integration of Polygon PoS, sets the city on a unique trajectory as it paves the way for blockchain innovation and widespread crypto adoption.

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