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The Effect of Computer Power to Ethereum Miners


Bitmain, a chip maker based in Beijing China, is making chips and hardware that deliver amazing power. According to the report, people using this hardware and chips can end up controlling transaction confirmation process in the Ethereum, wiping out small miners. Thus, developers of Ethereum are sternly working on countermeasures like Casper to modify the process of mining radically.

Developers of Ethereum are working hard on countermeasures in opposition to the development of new and more dominant computer hardware which Bitmian and other producers are about to bring in the market. Those using the latest Bitmain tool will have unbalanced benefits and can result in centralizing or dominating the Ethereum transaction confirmation procedure.

Bloomberg said,  “ The range of respondents can be about to reduce in size, as Bitmain move in with the latest form of computing program that can provide unbalance power with regards to verifying transactions.

Ethereum developers are rushing to use a solution like Casper, plasma, and sharding. Particularly, Casper assures to minimize the threat of centralization through slowly changing the process of mining.

Through using Casper, Ether will be able to change to a new agreement protocol. With Casper, the agreement will be obtained by utilizing the PoS or Proof of Stake protocol, rather than the PoW of Proof of Work algorithm. The change of protocol will allow Ether to set out all the miners.

Bloomberg stated Vitalik Buterin co-founder of Ether stated that the threat would vanish if the community set up Casper, a program which will eliminate miners and verify transactions in a diverse way that will make the number of people involved in the process bigger.

A lot of Ethereum network miners utilize Graphics Processing Units or GPUs. Ethereum intentionally put PoW algorithm into action which will prevent Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) tool from mining Ethereum. This algorithm is EtHas. However, Bitcoin utilizes SHA-256.

Bitmain is located in Beijing, China and is a private company that specialized in expensive ASIC chips. It has recently launched the Antminier E3, the most efficient and powerful ASIC miner.  With this regards, Bloomberg cited Dave Balter who commented that these things are likely to make lots of buzz and news. On the other hand, we are likely to keep focused on the basics. Ether is a remarkable project, and it will stay as one of the most sought-after cryptos, in spite of how swift it gets mined.

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