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The Fertile Altcoin Tempest Brooding in the 2019 Landscape

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The Interplay between value seeking investors, FUD victims and trigger happy Bounty Hunters present interesting opportunities in the emerging Altcoin markets.

After 2018 concluded in what has been aptly described as the “Crypto Winter”, most investors have shied away from making ICO, ITO, STO or IEO investments because a considerably high number of these projects have turned out to be abandoned efforts or outright scams in this unregulated space.

This leads to a crypto market environment now in 2019 where many legitimate projects with a proven product and a well-established professional working team might go unnoticed for even months, with little exchange activity and buying interest despite great prospects. Add to that the immediate selling pressure created by bounty hunters, the predominant majority of which are coming from developing countries where even a few dollars can constitute a monthly income, and you have artificial bearish pressure on many names.

One such project is TCAT, which even forewent an ICO in favor of creating an organic, ground floor buying interest from a vibrant and increasing community of sympathizers. The dichotomy of market sentiment is so chaotic right now that you can routinely see some of these esoteric names trade between a range of x & 10x within even the same day. For promising projects like The Currency Analytics (#TCAT), the timing is therefore quite ripe now for a great reward to risk ratio play.

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Deniz Akguner is a director and lead trader at Ferox Advisors Ltd. You can also follow his regular crypto and trading updates on twitter @FeroxAdvisors

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