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The Rise of Independent Sound Money via Crypto Currencies

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The rise and spectacular success of crypto currencies reveal a decisive paradigm shift and a newly emerging schism in world politics, namely the conflict between the interests of the state and of the liberated individual.

There is a steadily increasing population of highly educated and skilled people who think that the state and all its apparatuses are no longer the friend of the individual, especially if that said individual is an independent, prosperity seeking entrepreneur.

Any serious participant of crypto markets should therefore first understand that by design and by their telos, most crypto currencies will continue to exist outside of the realm of the establishment, its forms of control and its outdated institutions of economic activity.

The states should have lost the privilege of controlling the transfer of value between free people, the moment fiat money was introduced because that essentially enabled the government and central bank to assign an arbitrary value to the labor of all citizens in their jurisdiction, a system obviously standing against justice and ripe for all kinds of corruption and seeking political favoritism.

In philosophy, the rise of an independent system of sound money was necessary since even decades before the emergence of crypto currencies.

The genie is finally out of the bottle now, and in a world of extreme population and increased competition, the meritocratic individuals understand very well that they have to divorce their own interests from socialistic and totalitarian tendencies of old money, if they wish to prosper in a modern world of subversive, shamelessly immoral, and even unnatural political agendas.

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